descent-line from QUEEN HATSHEPSUT of Egypt to Nancy C. Terrell & the Beaverdam Terrell Family

00. HATSHEPSUT, Queen of Egypt, flourished circa 1500BC, # 5th in the regnal-list of the 18th-Dynasty [which was a continuation of the 17th-Dynasty, after the expulsion of the Hyksos, i.e., the 15th & 16th dynasties], she = [his 2nd] Thutmose II [half-brother], # 4 in regnal-list [note: Thutmose II was the son of Thutmose I, # 3, & his 1st wife Mutnofre[t]; and Hatshepshut was the daughter of Thutmose I, # 3, & his 2nd wife Aahmes II, his queen, the daughter of Amenhotep I, # 2, & his sister-wife, Ahhotep II.], begot

01. Meryetre = [his 2nd] THUTMOSE III “THE GREAT” [her half-brother], # 6, overthrew his aunt, Queen Hatshepsut, and married her daughter, begot

02. Amenhotep II, # 7, = Tiye [Tiaa] [half-sister], daughter of THUTMOSE III “THE GREAT”, # 6, & his 3rd wife, Nibitou, dau of Huyu, King of Kush, begot

03. Thutmose IV, # 8, =[his 3rd] Mutemwiya, daughter of Artatama, King of the Mitanni, & an Egyptian princess [either Menwi, or Menhet or Merti, daughters of THUTMOSE III “THE GREAT”, # 6, & his 1st wife, Sitiah], begot

04. Amenhotep III, # 9, =[his 1st] Tiy[e] [sister of Aanen, the High-Priest, and Eye, # 13, the grand-vizier], begot

05. Amenhotep IV, # 10, changed name to Ikhenaten = Nefertiti [famous for her statue], daughter of Tusratta, King of Mitanni, & an Egyptian princess, Pyhi, daughter of Thutmose IV & his 2nd wife, Iaret-Wadjet, begot

06. Ankhesenpaaten I, heiress [she =2[his & her 2nd] Smenkhare, # 11/13; =3 Tutankhamun, # 12/14] =1 her father (above), by whom she was the mother of

07. Ankhesenpaaten II, heiress = Setymeramen [Seti], an army-officer, son of Horemheb, 1st King of the 19th-Dynasty [formerly an army-officer] & Mutnodjme, daughter of Eye, # 13, last of 18th-Dynasty, begot

08. Rameses I, # 2, circa 1325-1323BC, = Sitre [Saatre], daughter of Ra-Ser-Khepferu, un-numbered usurper [# 11], & Atenmert, daughter of Amenhotep III, # 9, & his 2nd wife, sister of Kadashman-Enlil, King of Babylon, begot

09. Seti I [Sethi; Sethos], # 3, 1323-1304, = Thuya, dau of Reyja, army-officer, & Thuya, daughter of Bekra, un-numbered usurper [# 12], & Baktaten, daughter of Amenhotep III, # 9, & his 3rd wife, sister of Suppiluliumas, King of Hatti, i.e., the Hittites [note: the sister of King Sethi, Bithiah, claimed her “supposed” son MOSES was the posthumous son of her late husband, her cousin, though he was actually the adoptive son of Hebrew slaves], begot

10. RAMESES II “THE GREAT”, # 4, 1304-1237, =[his 2nd] Isitnofre I [=1 Nefertari; =3 Henutmire], begot

11. Merneptah, # 5, 1237-1223, =[his 3rd] Bintah [Bintanath], another half-sister, begot

12. Tewosre [Twosret], # 9, Queen, last of the 19th-Dynasty, 1203-1199 [widow of Seti II, # 7, 1217-1209, 1st husband] =[her 2nd] Bay, 1st King of 20th-Dynasty [a Syrian prince, formerly the grand-vizier], 1199-1198, begot

13. Tiye-Merenese, heiress = Setnakhte, # 2, 1198-1195, son of Prince Rameses, son of Khawmwase, son of RAMESES II “THE GREAT” & his 3rd wife, Henutmire, &, begot

14. Nekhtseth, Prince, begot

15. Rameses III “Hikon“, # 3, 1195-1153 [=1 Titi; =2 Habadjilat; =3 Isis; =4 Maserethre; =5 Tiye] [note: HERE the descent could pass through three lines], by 5th wife, begot

16. Montuherkhopsef, Prince, = Isis, begot

17. Rameses IX, # 9, 1126-1108, = Baktwernel [his great-niece], daughter of Rameses V, # 5, 1147-1143, son of Rameses IV, # 4, 1153-1147, son of Rameses III & his 1st wife, &, begot

18. Rameses X, # 10, 1108-1099, = Tyti, begot

19. Rameses XI, # 11, 1099-1069, = Tentamun [I] [Thent-Amun] [his cousin], daughter of Nebseny, a judge, & wife, Tayu-Herat, daughter of Rameses IX, # 9, &, begot

20. Tentamun [Thent-Amun] [II] =[his 3rd] Smendes I [Nesbanebdjed], 1st King of 21st-A Dynasty, 1069-1043, begot

21. Psusennes I [variants of his name include: Psibkhaemne; Pesibkhenno], # 3A, 1039-993 [=1 Tyte; =2 Istemkheb II; =3 Henttawy IV; =4 Napalte; =5 Mutnodjme II; =6 Wiay] [succeeded his older half-bro, Amenemnisu, # 2A, 1043-1039], by 2nd wife, Istemkheb, begot

22. Amenemope [Amenophthis], # 4A, 993-984, begot

23. Osochor [Osokhor], # 5A, 984-978, begot

24. Siamon [Si-Mentu], # 6A, 978-959, = Nesitaneb, daughter of Pinudjem II, # 8B, & 3rd wife, Neiskhons [his niece], daughter of Smendes II, # 7B, begot

25. Psusennes II, # 7A, 959-945 [note: his sister, Nicauli, was wife of King Solomon of Israel], begot

26. Maatkare V =[his 2nd] Osorkon I, # 2, 924-909BC, son of Sheshonq I [Shishak], 1st King of 22nd-Dynasty, 945-924, & wife Karomat I, daughter of Psusennes III, # 9B, 969-945 [son of Pinudjem II, # 8B, 990-969, brother of Smendes II, # 7B, 992-990, son[s] of Menkheperre, # 6B, 1035-992, brother of Djedkhonsefankh, # 5B, 1045-1035, brother of Masaherta, # 4B, 1054-1045, son[s] of Pinudjem I, # 3B, 1060-1054, son of Piankhi, # 2B, 1065-1060, son of Herihor, 1st King of 21st-B Dynasty, 1069-1065, son of Amenothes, the High-Priest, & Isis, daughter of Rameses VI, above], begot

27. Shoshenq II, # 4, 890-883, = Nesitanebetashru, begot

28. Harsiese, rival-king [not numbered in regnal-list] = Karomat II, daughter of Iuput [Iuwelot], Prince [son of Osorkon I, # 2, & 3rd wife, Rakamaat], begot

29.Karomat III [her brother, Pedubast, was the father of Harsiese II, 1st King of 23rd-Dynasty] =[his 2nd] Osorkon II, # 5, 883-855, son of Takelot I, # 3, 909-890, son of Osorkon I, # 2, & 1st wife, Tashedkh[ons], begot

30. Shoshenq, High-Priest = Istemkheb, begot

31. Takelot, High-Priest [=1 Tjesbastperu; =2 Tairyi; =3 Djedbastesankh], by 3rd wife, begot

32. Djedbastesankh [II] [her half-brother, Pedubast, continued 23rd-Dynasty as its 2nd king] = Shoshenq III, # 7, 835-783 [son of Takelot II, # 6, 860-835, son of Osorkon II, # 5, 883-855, etc.], &, begot

33. Pamai, # 8, 783-767, = Karomat V [half-sister], begot

34. Osorkon [brother of Shoshenq IV, # 9, 767-735], begot

35. Tefnakhte [I], 1st King of 24th-Dynasty 730-720 [in his generation, the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, & 26th dynasties were contemporaneous], begot

36. Bakenranef [Bocchoris], # 2, 720-715 [killed by Prince Shabaka, army-commander of his father, Kashta, 1st King of 25th-Dynasty], begot

37. Neokhabis [Nekauba-Irib-Re][the legendary prince, Nechepso], # 3, 664/663BC, [reckoned 26th-Dynasty] = Anakhka, daughter of Stephinates, # 2, son of Ammeris, 1st King of 26th-Dynasty, &, begot

38. Necho I [Nekhao], # 4, 664/663-656BC [=1 Istemabet; =2 Nes-Shu-Tefnut; =3 Amenirdis; daughters of Taharqa [Tirhakah], 25th-Dynasty, # 5, 690-664/663], &, by 3rd wife, begot

39. Psamtik I [Psammetichus], # 5, 656-609, =1 Mehtenusekht, daughter of Harsiast, High-Priest [son of Harkhebi, son of Haremket, son of Shabaka, # 3, 25th-Dynasty]; =2 Shepwenwepet [Shapenuapit] [II], daughter of Tantamanai, 25th-Dynasty, # 6, 664/663-656], &, by 1st wife, begot

40. Necho II, # 6, 609-595BC [=1 Netakert [Nitokris]; =2 Khedebnitjerbone; =3 Mimautiu], by 1st wife, begot

41. Psamtik II [Psammetichus], # 7, 595-589BC, = Takhaut [half-sister], daughter of Necho II, # 6, & 2nd wife, &, begot

42. Hophra [Apries], # 8, 598-568BC [=1 Neitmertefs; =2 Ankhenseneferabre; =3 Meritakhebt], by 3rd wife, begot

43. Neithiyti [Nitetis] =[his 4th] CYRUS II “THE GREAT”, 1st Shah of Persia 546/539,d529BC, begot

44. Atossa =1[her 1st/his 2nd] Cambyses [II], 1st King of 27th-Dynasty, 525-522; =2 Gaumata “The False Smerdis”, usurper 522-521; =3 Darius III “The Great” , # 2, shah/pharaoh 521-486; &, by 3rd husband, begot

45. Xerxes I [Ahasuerus], # 3, 486-465, = Amestris, dau of Cambyses [II], # 1, & his 4th wife, Neithiyti [Nitetis], daughter of Ahmose II [Amasis], King of Egypt, # 9, 568-526BC [26th-Dynasty], & 3rd wife, Khedenitjerbone [II], &, begot

46. Artaxerxes I, # 4, 465-424, =4 Andria, the Babylonian heiress, daughter of Nebuchadnezzar [IV], claimant 519BC, son of Nidintu-Bel [claimant 522, & styled self Nebuchadnezzar III], brother of Belshazzer, last Babylonian emperor, son[s] of Nabonidus, Babylonian Emperor 556-539, & Neitaqert [Nitocris], daughter of NEBUCHADNEZZAR II “THE GREAT” of Babylonia & 3rd wife, Neitaqert [Nitokris], daughter of Hophra (Apries), King of Egypt, # 8 (above), & 1st wife, &, begot

47. Parysatis = Darius II “Nothus”, # 7, Shah/King 423-404BC [half-brother of Xerxes II, # 5, 424BC, & Sogdianus, # 6, 424-3], begot

48. Artaxerxes [II], d359 [=1 Statira; =2 sister; =3 daughter; =4 Aspasia], by 1st wife, begot

49. Apama = Pharnabazes, Satrap of Daskalytis, d387, begot

50. Apama = Spitamenes, Satrap of Bactria, d328, begot

51. Apama =[his 1st] Seleucus I Nicator, King of Syria 305-280BC, begot

52. Achaeus, Prince, d 275/267BC, = Aesopia, daughter of ALEXANDER “THE GREAT”, # 1 [32nd-Dyn.], King of Egypt 332-323BC, & his 3rd wife, Barsine [daughter of Artabazus, a satrap, & wife, sister of Darius III, # 3 [31st Dyn.], shah/pharaoh 336-332], begot

53. Laodice = Antiochus II Theos, King of Syria 261-246, begot

54. Laodice = Mithridates III, King of Pontus 220-190/185, begot

55. Laodice = Antiochus III “The Great”, King of Syria 223-187BC, begot

56. Cleopatra [I] = Ptolemy V Epiphanes, # 5 [33rd Dyn.] King of Egypt 204-180, begot

57. Ptolemy VI Philometer, # 6, King of Egypt 180-145 =[her 1st] Cleopatra [II], his sister, & begot

58. Cleopatra Thea =2 Demetrius II Nicator, King of Syria 145-125, begot

59. Antiochus VIII Philometer [Gryphus], King of Syria 125-96 BC, =[his 1st] Cleopatra Tryphaena, daughter of Ptolemy VIII Euergetes [Physkon], # 8, King of Egypt 145-116 BC, begot

60. Laodice = Mithridates I “Callinicus“, King of Commagene 96-69, d63BC, begot

61. Antiochus I Theos, King of Commagene 69-46 & 43-39BC = Isias Philostorgos, begot

62. Laodice = Artavasdes of Atropatene, d20BC [son of Ariobarzanes, son of Arsaces XIII Mithridates III, King of Parthia/Persia, & wife, co-heiress of Armenia], begot

63. Darius, Prince, d10BC = sister of Vonones [I], ex-king of Parthia, &, daughter of Arsaces XV Phraates IV, King of Parthia, begot

64. Vonones II, King of Parthia AD 51 [King of Atropatene 19-51], begot

65. Vologasus I, King of Parthia 51-77, begot

66. Vologases II, King of Parthia 77-80 & 89-90, begot

67. Arsaces XXVII Vologases III [II], King of Parthia 108, 130-147/8, begot

68. Arsaces XXVIII Vologases IV [III], King of Parthia 147/8-192, begot

69. Arsaces XXIX Vologases V [IV], King of Parthia 192-208 [formerly Vologases II “The Great”, King of Armenia 180-191] = daughter of Pharasmenes III [Parsman], King of Iberia [Georgia], begot

70. Chosroes I [Khusraw] “The Brave”, King of Armenia 191-217 [half-brother of Arsaces XXXI Artabanus V/IV, King of Parthia/Persia], begot

71. Tiridates III/II, King of Armenia 238-252, = a Kushan princess, begot

72. Chosroes II “The Valiant”, King of Armenia 279-287, d297, = Alcathoe, daughter of Rhescuporis IV, King of Bosphorus [Ukraine], begot

73. Tiridates V/IV/III [Tiran[es] “Helios”] “The Great”, King of Armenia 298-330, = Ashken, daughter of Ashkhadar, King of the Osseti [descendant of ancient Assyrian kings], begot

74. Chosroes III “The Short”, King of Armenia 330-6 & 337-9, begot

75. Bambishen = Athenogenes [At’anakines], Prince of the Gregorids [son of Hesychius [St. Yusik], Primate of Armenia 342-348, son of St. Vrtanes (d342), son of St. Gregory, Primate of Armenia (d328), son of Anak, Prince of Suren-Pahlav], begot

76. [St.] Narses [Nerseh] “The Great”, Primate of Armenia, d373, begot

77. [St.] Sahak [Isaac] “The Great”, Prince-Primate, d438, begot

78. Sahakanoysh, the Gregoridan heiress, = Hamazasp I, Prince of the Mamikonids, High-Constable of Armenia 387-416/432 [note: the Mamikonids descended from Mancaeus, an exiled Chinese prince (69BC), and, through him, from ancient Chinese emperors], begot

79. St. Hmayeak [Hemayakes] [Hmaycek], a general, d451, begot

80. Vard, Governor [Marzpan] of Armenia 505-509/514, begot

81. Hmayeak [Hmaycek], Prince, d555, begot

82. Mousegh I, Governor of Armenia 591-593, begot

83. Vahan II “Le Loup”, Governor of Armenia 593-606, begot

84. David, Prince of Taron, d620, begot

85. Hamazasp III, Governor of Armenia 656-661, = daughter of Theodor Rshtuni, begot

86. Mousegh III, Governor of Armenia 691-693, begot

87. Artavazd [Artavasdas][Artbasdos], a Mamikonid prince, Byzantine rival 742-3, = Anna, sister of Byzantine Emperor Constantine V, begot

88. Nicephorus, begot

89. Anna = Vard, Prince Gnouni (d791), begot

90. Leo V, Byzantine Emperor 813-820, = Theodosia, daughter of Arshavir [Arsaber], Prince of Kamsarakan, begot

91. Anna = Hmayeak [Maiactes], a Mamikonid prince, d780/797 [son of Artavazd (d751), son of Hmayeak [Theodore], Patriarch 703-712, son of Artavazd (d693), son of Hamazasp II, Prince, son of David (600), son of Mousegh (555), son of Hmayeak, son of Artavazd, son of Hamazaspian, general, d451, the brother of St. Hmayeak and St. Vardan II, son[s] of Hamazasp I, Prince of the Mamikonids, &, wife Sahakanoysh, the Gregoridian heiress (above)], begot

92. Constantine, d838, = Pancalo, begot

93. Basil I, Byzantine Emperor 867-886, =[his 2nd/her 2nd] Eudoxia Ingerina, widow of Byzantine Emperor Michael III [842-867], begot

94. Leo VI “The Wise”, Byzantine Emperor 886-912 [note: Leo VI is generally reputed to be the son of Basil I, but some historians argue that he was Michael III’s son; either way, the ancestry of Michael III can be traced through a collateral descent-line, that is: Michael III, Byzantine Emperor, son of Theophilos, Byzantine Emperor, &, his wife, Theodora, daughter of Marinos (d815/830), son of Artavazd (d778), son of Hmayeak (d740), son of Artavazd (d701), son of Hamazasp III, Governor of Armenia 656-661, son of David, Prince of Taron (d620), son of Vahan II “Le Loup“, Governor of Armenia, son of Mousegh I, Governor of Armenia, son of Hmayeak (d555), son of Vard, Governor of Armenia, son of St. Hmayeak (d451), son of Sahakanoysh, the Gregordian heiress (above)], =[his 2nd] Zoe Zautzina, dau of Stylianus Zautzes, begot

95. Anne, d914, =[his 3rd] Louis III “The Blind” of Provence, HRE 901-5, dep, d928, begot

96. Charles-Constantine, Count of Vienne, d962, = Thiberge of Troyes, begot

97. Constance, d965, = Boso II, Count of Provence 942-963, d964/6, begot

98. William II [Guillaume] “The Liberator”, Count of Provence 979-983, d993/9, =[his 2nd] Adelaide of Anjou, begot

99. Constance, d1032, =[his 3rd] Robert II “The Pious”, King of France 996-1031, begot

100. Adelaide, d1079, =[her 2nd] Baldwin V, Count of Flanders, d1067, begot

101. Matilda, d1083, = WILLIAM I "THE CONQUEROR", King of England 1066-1087

Monarch Relation to Nancy C. Terrell (Note on Closest Relationship)

102.  William I of England

22nd Great-Grandfather

103.  William II of England

21st Great-Granduncle

104   Henry I of England

21st Great-Grandfather

105   Stephen of England

20th Great-Grandfather

106.  Empress Matilda

20th Great-Grandmother

107.  Henry II of England

19th Great-Grandfather

108.  Richard I of England

18th Great-Granduncle

109.  John of England

18th Great-Grandfather

110.  Henry III of England

17th Great-Grandfather

111.  Edward I of England

Father to Joan of Acre –Princessess Royal

112. Joan of Acre, Princess of England Born: 1272, Acre, Palestine Died: 23 APR 1307,   Clare,Suffolk,England  Interred: 26 APR 1307, Priory Church of the Austin Friars,Clare

Notes: Countess of Gloucester and Hertford. Her father had arranged for her to be

married to Amadeus of Savoy, but she had already secretly married to Ralph, a member of the Kings household.

Father: , Edward I (Longshanks), King of England, b. 17 JUN 1239

Mother: , Eleanor of Castile, Cts de Ponthieu, b. ABT 1244

Associated with , Herman

Married 30 APR 1290, Westminster Abbey, London, England to de Clare, Gilbert "the Red", Earl Gloucester 3rd

Child 1: de Clare, Gilbert, Earl of Gloucester, b. 10 MAY 1291

Child 2: de Clare, Eleanor, b. OCT 1292

Child 3: de Clare, Margaret, b. OCT 1292

Child 4: de Clare, Elizabeth, b. 16 SEP 1295


113.  de Clare, Eleanor  Born: OCT 1292, Caerphilly Castle, Glamorgan Died: 30 JUN 1337

Father: de Clare, Gilbert "the Red", Earl Gloucester 3rd, b. 2 SEP 1243

Mother: , Joan of Acre, Princess, b. 1272

Married 1306, Westminster to Despenser, Hugh the younger le, Lord le Despenser

Child 1: Despenser, Isabel

Child 2: Despenser, Hugh le, Lord le Despenser, b. ABT 1308

Child 3: Despenser, Edward le

Child 4: de Despencer, Elizabeth  Married 1327 to de Mortimer, William la Zouche


114.  Despenser, Isabel - Married 1321 to Fitzalan, Richard, Earl of Arundel 10th who descends from Alan Fitz Flaad - Royal Kings of Scotland

Father: Despenser, Hugh the younger le, Lord le Despenser

Mother: de Clare, Eleanor, b. OCT 1292

Child 1: Arundel, Edmund

Child 2: Fitzalan, Mary

Child 3: Fitzalan, Eleanor, b. CIR 1355

Child 4 - Fitzalan, Philippa

115.  Phillippa Fitzalan married  Richard Serjeaux m. (from here there are all of the Kings of Scotland) I'll put that in another document.  They had a daughter named Elizabeth Serjeaux


116.  Elizabeth Serjeaux  married Sir William Marney  They had a son named John Marney

117.  John Marney married  Agnes Throckmorton They had a daughter named Anne Marney

118. Thomas Tyrrell b. about 1410 England married Anne Marney, b. about 1410

119.  Sir Thomas Tyrrell II  b. about 1430 d. about 1490 married Elizabeth Le Brun b. about 1430 Brun. South Ockendon, England d. 1473, England

120.  William Tyrrell b. about 1465, England married Elizabeth Bodley

121.  Humphrey Tyrrell b. about 1490, Eng.  Died Jan. 15, 1547/48 England

Married Jane Ingleton b. about 1498, England

122.  George Tyrrell b. 1530 Essex, Eng. Died May 16, 1571 married Eleanor Elizabeth Montague b. 1530 ?  Eng.

123.  William Terrell b. 1552, Eng. Died Aug 1595 married Margaret Richmond b. 1555 in Stewley, Bucks, England.

124.   Robert Terrell b. 1600  d. 1643 in Reading, Eng  Jane Baldwin b. 1590 d. 1661

125.   Richmond Terrell b. June 1624 in Reading Berkshire, England.  Married Elizabeth ?


1.  Timothy Terrell b. 1658 and married Elizabeth Foster.  Came to America and settled in Va.

2.  Joseph Terrell b. 1699 New Kent County -  owned lands in Hanover County as early as 1729 and purchased more in 1735.  He married Mary  ?

William Terrell

Timothy Terrell

Anne Terrell  

3.  Joseph Terrell Jr. b. Jan. 28, 1745 d. April 9, 1787- married Elizabeth Mills

(Nancy's great, great, great grandmother)

b. Jan 26, 1747 – Nov. 22, 1833 – was a Revolutionary soldier.  Served as a Private in the 3rd, 4th, 5th & 7th Regiments of the Virginia Line (from “William and Timothy Terrell, Colonial Virginians, Barnhill, Celeste Jane p.6). Had 11 Children

4.   David Terrell b. August 19, 1782 married Mary Henley Thompson, daughter of Richard Thompson and Jane Banks

5.  Joseph Carr Terrell b. Dec. 7, 1807 (descended from the Randolph/Jefferson lineage) married Ann Terrell (my great great grandmother) on Aug. 3, 1845 in Hanover County, Virginia.  Anne was born on May 10, 1817 and died May 21, 1880.  They had four children-

6.  Charles Thomas W. Terrell b. 1852 married Fannie Pierce McGehee (my great grandmother and was a direct descendent from Robert de Bruce.)  She was born on Nov. 27, 1852 and was a daughter of Alexander Stewart McGehee and Mary Jane Thompson.  She died at Beaver Dam, Hanover County, Va. On April 29, 1929.  They were the parents of five sons.  Our Terrell family descends from one of these sons

1. Dr. Emmett Herman Terrell b. May 10, 1878 m. Daisy Ellett

2. Hervey Rosser Terrell b. Aug 20, 1880 d. Jan 10, 1920 married Lucy Vaughan b. Jan 22. 1880 (my Aunt Lucy that cat Miss Lucy was named after.  What a great lady she was)

3. Joseph Stuart Terrell b. Oct. 18, 1886 married Y. Winfrey (Uncle Joe)

4. Charles Pierce Terrell b. Sept. 6, 1892 m. Mabel C. Billups

7.  Earley Thomas Terrell b. May 13, 1882 married Ophelia Harris (my grandparents who lived in a big house in Ashland, Virginia.  They had four children.

1. Earley Thomas Terrell (Uncle Earley who was a psychiatrist and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.  Married to Eugenia Jackson Beazley (Aunt Jean)

2. Francis Nelson Terrell b. Jan 14, 1915 d. Nov. 5 1972 married Henry Drewry Kerr, Jr.

3. Martha Louise Terrell b. June 22, 1920 married Nathan Lenoir Riddle.  They live in Georgia outside of Atlanta

8.  James Emmett Terrell (my father) b. Aug. 16, 1911 died Nov. 7 1967.  Married Nannie Belle Clendenin (my mother) on October 18, 1937.  They had two children.

9.  Nancy Clendenin Terrell b. Jan. 12, 1940 Richmond, Virginia – Stuart Circle Hospital married Morton Franklin Longnecker b. Dec. 12, 1936 (Winchester Indiana).  Last to carry the Terrell name from this descendancy.

 10.  Michael Emmett Longnecker

  11.  Taylor Hilty Longnecker b. July 10, 1989

  10. Gregory Stewart Longnecker b. April 4, 1966

Married Helen Hernandez - 1987

11. Lauren Longnecker b. June 31, 1988  -

Married Stacey Weingle

11. Christian Terrell Longnecker  b. Aug. 19, 1996

11.  Hannah Marie Longnecker b.  Aug 22, 1997

          Married Mamie Rokuroda b. March 16, 1967

                    11.  Luke Stewart Longnecker b. March 22, 2005

                    11.  Liana Angelique Longnecker b. Dec. 26, 2008


Hatshepsut  also Hatchepsut; meaning Foremost of Noble Ladies;[4] 1508–1458 BC) was the fifth pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty of Ancient Egypt. She is generally regarded by Egyptologists as one of the most successful pharaohs, reigning longer than any other woman of an indigenous Egyptian dynasty.[citation needed]


Although contemporary records of her reign are documented in diverse ancient sources, Hatshepsut was described by early modern scholars as only having served as a co-regent from approximately 1479 to 1458 BC, during years seven to twenty-one of the reign previously identified as that of Thutmose III.[5] Today Egyptologists generally agree that Hatshepsut assumed the position of pharaoh and the length of her reign usually is given as twenty-two years, since she was assigned a reign of twenty-one years and nine months by the third-century BC historian, Manetho, who had access to many historical records that now are lost. Her death is known to have occurred in 1458 BC, which implies that she became pharaoh circa 1479 BC.