Bud and his father were sitting at a rectangular table in a small room.  They were eating.  I was standing in the doorway in front of them.  Bud was to my right and his father to my left.  I turned to go out when Bud picked up his entire plate and threw it at me.  There was absolute hate and murder in this act.  

I reentered the room, which had absolutely nothing in it but the table chairs & Bud & his father.  I walked up to him and said, “I am not cleaning up this mess.  It is your mess.  You’re cleaning it up and you’re cleaning it up NOW.”  

He headed toward me.  I backed him into a lighted closet His father was somehow standing behind him.  I took my first finger on my right hand and put it over his right chest.  I said, you hate me and I know it.  But I have wanted to kill you.”  I awoke.  It was a very real dream.




BUD = masculine part of  myself.  Qualities that I project onto my husband.  Perception of relationship with husband.  strength

BUD’S FATHER = weakness

RECTANGULAR TABLE = daily activities

EATING = taking nourishment.  They were taking nourishment

WATCHING = this dream was meant as a lesson.  Integrate importance and essence into my own life.

THROWING THE DINNER AT ME = violence and hostility.  He does not want nourishment.  His father, his weak part, just sat there doing nothing.

MY DECLERATION = just that—I’ve had it.  Clean up your own mess and do it now.  You have caused the deterioration in the nourishment of this family for the last time.  I will not tolerate any more of this and I will not clean it up.  You are responsible for the total mess that you have created.

MY RIGHT HAND = the right hand gives; the left receives.  I have given him enough nourishment.  I am giving him too much of my energy

HIS RIGHT CHEST = opposite the heart chakra/blockage/denial of goodness

CLOSET = storage place for attitudes, ideas and MEMORIES.  I need to clean out a few.  

LIGHT IN THE CLOSET = God is with me.  Do not be afraid.

KILL HIM = getting rid of the problem.  Now I am rid of the mess because it is not mine.  It is his and he must clean it up.