MAGNA CHARTA SURETY (Richard de Clare & King John Lackland)  AND NATIONAL SOCIETY DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - please see the lineage chart by clicking your mouse on the left at "Our U.S. Terrells"


0.    Hannah Christine Longnceker b. 1997 in Hawaii

0.    Lauren Elizabeth Longnecker b. 1988 in Hawaii

0     Liana Longnecker b. 2007 in Hawaii

1. Nancy Clendenin Terrell –

b. Jan. 12, 1940 in Richmond, Virginia

m. Morton Franklin Longnecker, Jr. on Aug. 27, 1960

son - Gregory Stuart Longnecker

son - Michael Emmett Longnecker

brother - James Emmett Terrell, Jr.  Architect in Manhattan, NY

   grandchildren -    Taylor Hilty Longnecker

                                Lauren Elizabeth Longnecker

                                Christian Terrell Longnecker

                                Hannah Marie Longnecker

                                Luke Longnecker

                                Lauren Erica Phillips

                                Liana Angelique Longnecker

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, 1961

Master of Arts Degree in Literature from Univ. of Southern Miss.  Hattiesburg, MS. 1980

Romper Room Teacher on ABC - TV - 1968 - 1973

Interviewer for General Electric Cablevision for MS., AL., LA & FL from '73 – 75

Outstanding Young Women of America – “73 - 75

Manager Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce 1976

Master Weaver at Worlds Fair in New Orleans - 1984

One woman Weaving Exhibition at Biloxi Cultural Center '82

Journalist for International/Caribbean newspapers 1992 - present

Member of the Ocean Springs Yacht Club, The Biloxi Yacht Club, The Royal British Virgin Islands Yacht Club, The West End BVI Yacht Club and The Hawaii Yacht Club in Honolulu


2.  James Emmett Terrell -

b. August 16, 1911 Ashland, VA

d. Nov. 7, 1967 Evansville, Indiana

m. to Nannie Belle Clendenin, Greensboro, NC.  1937

Attended William & Mary College, Williamsburg, VA

Was Senior Vice President of Mead Johnson & Co. a division of Bristol Meyers Pharmaceuticals

Elder in the 1st Presbyterian Church; Lions Club; Kiwanis Club; Evansville Country Club



3.  Earley Thomas Terrell

b. May 13, 1882 married Ophelia Louise Harris

1. Earley Thomas Terrell Married to Eugenia Jackson Beazley (Aunt Jean)

2. James Emmett Terrell b. Aug. 16, 1911 m. Nannie Belle Clendenin

3.   Francis Nelson Terrell b. Jan 14, 1915 d. Nov. 5 1972 m.  Henry Drewry Kerr, Jr.

4.  Martha Louise Terrell b. June 22, 1920 m.  Nathan Lenoir Riddle.  


4.  Charles Thomas W. Terrell

b. May 30, 1852

d. June 19, 1929

m.  Fannie Pierce McGehee She was born on Nov. 27, 1852 and was a daughter of Alexander Stewart McGehee 16 Sep 1826  and Mary Jane Thompson 1854  She died at Beaver Dam, Hanover County, Va. They were the parents of five sons.  

1. Dr. Emmett Herman Terrell b. May 10, 1878 m. Daisy Ellett

2. Hervey Rosser Terrell b. Aug 20, 1880 d. Jan 10, 1920 married Lucy Vaughan b. Jan 22. 1880 (my Aunt Lucy that my cat Miss Lucy was named after.  What a great lady she was)

3. Joseph Stuart Terrell b. Oct. 18, 1886 married Y. Winfrey (Uncle Joe)

4. Charles Pierce Terrell b. Sept. 6, 1892 m. Mabel C. Billups

5. Earley Thomas Terrell b. May 13, 1882 m. Ophelia Louise Harris


5.  Dabney Carr Terrell

b. Dec. 7, 1807

d. September 28,  1864

m.  Ann E. Terrell (cousin) on Aug. 3, 1845 in Hanover County, Virginia.  Anne was born on May 10, 1817 and died May 21, 1880.  

Ann E. Terrell - b. May 10, 1817 - d. May 21, 1880

They had four children-

1.  Charles Thomas W. Terrell

2 - 4 - no information


Dabney Carr Terrell b. Dec. 7, 1807 married ANN E. TERRELL whose father is David TERRELL - David is descended from the Randolph Side through Martha Jefferson.  They were first cousins and this is where all of the confusion comes in.

Father: Joseph TERRELL

Mother: Elizabeth MILLS


6.  DAVID TERRELL is Ann Terrell's Father.  Joseph Carr's father was John Terrell who married Elizabeth Waller

b. August 19, 1782

d. April 19, 1819

m.  Mary Henley Thompson, daughter of Richard Thompson and Jane Banks

1. Dabney Carr Terrell b. Dec. 7, 1807 married Ann Terrell


Father: Joseph TERRELL

Mother: Elizabeth MILLS



 b. Jan. 28, 1745

d. April 9, 1787-

m. Elizabeth Mills

b. Jan 26, 1747

d. Nov. 22, 1833


WAS A SOLDIER IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR  in the 3rd, 4th, 5th & 7th Regiments of the Virginia Line (from “William and Timothy Terrell, Colonial Virginians, Barnhill, Celeste Jane p.6). Had 11 Children


Family 1: Elizabeth MILLS - They had the following children

1.  William Terrell

2.  Timothy Terrell

3.  Anne Terrell


This was also taken from the Bible records of Mrs. Ann Atkinson Parr, Ashland, VA



BIRTH: 16 Nov 1699, New Kent Co., VA. DIED - 1775

married MARY ? b. about - 1720  d. about 1755


Father: Timothy TERRELL

Mother: Elizabeth FOSTER


Family 1:

1. +Joseph TERRELL, JR




b. 1658 at York Co., VA,  d. after 1720

married Elizabeth Foster   . Mar 1686 St. Peter's Par., New Kent Co., VA,

2 Timothy TERRELL b. 1658 Elizabeth FOSTER b. 1665/1670 New Kent Co., VA,

  dau. of John FOSTER   They had the following children

   1 Elizabeth TERRELL b.c. 1685 New Kent Co., m. 20 Apr 1705 Middlesex

     Co., VA, Joseph ANDREWS

   2 Mary TERRELL b. 3 Jan 1688/89 New Kent Co., m. 31 Jul 1711

     Middlesex Co., John MARSTON

   3 William TERRELL b.c. 1691 New Kent Co.

   4 Mary TERRELL b.c. 1692 New Kent Co.

   5 Timothy TERRELL, Jr b.c. 1693 New Kent Co.

   6 Joel TERRELL b.c. 1693 New Kent Co.

   7 Robert TERRELL Sr. b. 19 Sep 1697 New Kent Co., d. bef 23 Mar 1786

    8 Joseph TERRELL b. 16 Nov 1699 New Kent Co.


10  RICHMOND TERRELL I "the Immigrant"

17 Oct 1624 - BET 1677 AND 0000

ID Number: I41203


 RESIDENCE: England and 1656 New Kent Co. VA

 BIRTH: 17 Oct 1624, Reading England

 DEATH: BET 1677 AND 0000, Blisland Parrish, New Kent Co. VA [S1819]

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503] [S1819] [S1990] [S2414]

Father: Robert TERRELL of Reading

Mother: Jane BALDWIN


Family 1 : Elizabeth WATERS?

 MARRIAGE: ABT 1649, England [S2414]

1. +Richmond TERRELL II

2. Timothy TERRELL

3. +William A. TERRELL Sr.

4. Robert TERRELL



"Richmond TERRELL (frequently shown as Tyrrell) came to America in 1656 and settled in New Kent County (Land Patent Book, Richmond, Book 4, page 12). On 28 Nov 1656, Richmond Terrell is granted 640 acres for transportation of 13 persons, among them his Brother, Robert. The land is northeast side of Cattail Swamp. The patent is issued by Sir William Berkley, Governor. In the years that follow, Richmond Terrell is granted large tracts of land in New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia. Richmond Terrell is also active in the Church of England in Blissland Parish."


"living 1677 when he signs the "Blisland Protestations"."


"Richmond Tyrrell came to Virginia about 1656, bought lands, also had a grant of 640 acres in New Kent on the west side of the York River, November 28, 1658 and too another grant of land on Chickahominy River in New Kent, February 8, 1670." [6] There, he or his son by the same name, is found in 1677."


11.  ROBERT TERRELL of Reading

1592 - 12 Jun 1643

ID Number: I41199


 OCCUPATION: Clothier

 RESIDENCE: Reading, England

 BIRTH: 1592, Reading, Berkshire, England [S1819]

 DEATH: 12 Jun 1643, St. Giles, Reading, England

 BURIAL: St. Giles Parish, England

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503] [S1819] [S1990] [S2414]

Father: WILLIAM TERRELL of Reading



Family 1 : Jane BALDWIN

 MARRIAGE: 29 Jun 1617, St. Giles, Reading, England [S1819]

1. John TERRELL of Reading

2. Robert TERRELL


4. Margaret TERRELL

5. +Richmond TERRELL I "the Immigrant"


7. Charles TERRELL

8. William TERRELL

9. +Timothy TERRELL Sr.

10. Thomas TERRELL



"Barnhill: Robert's Will - Robert Terrell, of Reading in the County of Berks, clothier: to the poor of the St. Giles Reading 30s - to my son Robert Terrell L150 - son Richmond Terrell the like sume at age 21 - and to son William Terrell at the age of 21 - and to son Timothy Terrell at the age of 21 - to Mary Terrell L150; to daughter Margaret Terrell L150 at age 21 - to son John Terrell my racks, furnaces, shears, handles, papers and other shop stuff and impliments of clothing and also my great gilte silver bowl - to son Richmond silver wine bowl - to son Robert silver beer bowl - to William and Timothy the silver spoons that were my children's - to Mary silver and gilt salt - to Margaret trencher salt - my wife Jane to have in custody of all the plate during her widowhood - residue to said wife Jane and on John, joint executors - overseers, brother-in-law Mr. Thomas Baldwin, friend Mr. Richard Stampe, & brother-in-law Richard Hunt. Dated 8 Jun 1643, proved at Oxford 27 Sep 1643 by Jane Terrell."


"Robert Tyrrell carried the title of Councilor and Guardian of Reading. The name was TYRRELL in England; it became Terrell in America. We have chose to show the change at this point, but in truth, the change was gradual."


"Robert is listed as the son of Sir Timothy Terrell and Elizabeth Watson in one record.

Robert is listed as the son of William Terrell and Margaret Richmond in another record.

His ancestry cannot be truly determined from documentation known."


"The author (Coldham) writes: "The relationship of the New Kent Tyrrells was established beyond reasonable doubt by the location of the will of ROBERT Terrell of Reading, Berkshire, clothier, dated 1643." Robert names the following children in his will -- Robert, RICHMOND, William, Timothy, Maria, Margaret, John. He mentions unnamed children deceased; his wife Jane, (eldest) son John and brother-in-law Richard Hunt were appointed executors."


12.  WILLIAM TERRELL of Reading

ABT 1550 - 28 Aug 1595

ID Number: I41196


 RESIDENCE: Reading, England

 BIRTH: ABT 1550, Oakendon, England

 DEATH: 28 Aug 1595, Reading, England

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503] [S1819]





1. +Robert TERRELL of Reading

2. David TYRRELL

3. Thomas TYRRELL

4. Francis TYRRELL


                                                         _WILLIAM TYRRELL ____+

                                                        | (1465 - ....)      

                            _HUMPHREY THORNTON TYRRELL _|

                           | (1500 - ....)              |

                           |                            |_ELIZABETH BODLEY ___

                           |                              (1470 - ....)      


| (1530 - 1571)            |

|                          |                             _____________________

|                          |                            |                    

|                          |_JANE INGLETON _____________|

|                            (1502 - 1557)              |

|                                                       |_____________________




|  (1550 - 1595)

|                                                        _THOMAS MONTAGU _____+

|                                                       | (1470 - ....)      

|                           _EDWARD MONTAGU OF BOUGHTON_|

|                          | (1500 - ....)              |

|                          |                            |_AGNES DUDLEY _______+

|                          |                              (1470 - ....)      


  (1530 - ....)            |

                           |                             _____________________

                           |                            |                    

                           |_HELEN ROPER _______________|

                             (1500 - ....)              |




ABT 1530 - 10 May 1571

ID Number: I41167


 RESIDENCE: England

 BIRTH: ABT 1530

 DEATH: 10 May 1571

 RESOURCES: See: Warning Notes [S1503] [S1990]





1. EDWARD Thornton TYRRELL of Thornton

2. +WILLIAM TERRELL of Reading








WARNING "Ref.: O. F. Brown, THE TYRELLS OF ENGLAND, 1982, Published by Phillimore & Co., LTD, Shopwyke Hall, Chichester, Sussex. This is the best documented book on the early Tyrell family that I have found. In 1966, he agreed to take on the job of finishing and publishing the Tyrell family research of the late Rev. William Tirrell.


                                                    _THOMAS OCKEDONN

                                                   | (1430 - ....)            

                              _WILLIAM TYRRELL ____|

                             | (1465 - ....)       |

                             |                 _ELIZABETH le BRUN

                             |                       (1430 - 1493)            


| (1500 - ....)              |

|                            |                      __________________________

|                            |                     |                          

|                            |_ELIZABETH BODLEY ___|

|                              (1470 - ....)       |

|                                                  |__________________________




|  (1530 - 1571)

|                                                   __________________________

|                            |                                                

|_JANE INGLETON _____________|

  (1502 - 1557)              |




ABT 1500 - ____

ID Number: I41165


 RESIDENCE: England

 BIRTH: ABT 1500

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503]








Much early research shows Humphrey as the son of Sir Thomas. However, Diane Dawn Dandridge Allen quotes "The Tyrells of England" (page 138, Pedigree 8, page 246-247) as showing Humphrey as the GRAND-son...with his father as Sir William.




                                                  _THOMAS Heron TYRRELL Knt. of Heron_+

                                                 | (1411 - 1476) m 1430              

                       _THOMAS OCKEDONN TYRRELL _|

                      | (1430 - ....)            |

                      |                          |_ANNA de MARNEY ____________________+

                      |                            (1402 - 1477) m 1430              


| (1465 - ....)       |

|                     |                           _HENRY le BRUN _____________________

|                     |                          | (1400 - ....)                      

|                     |_ELIZABETH le BRUN _______|

|                       (1430 - 1493)            |

|                                                |____________________________________




|  (1500 - ....)

|                                                 ____________________________________

|                                                |                                    

|                      __________________________|

|                     |                          |

|                     |                          |____________________________________

|                     |                                                              


  (1470 - ....)       |


1465 - ____

ID Number: I41163


 RESIDENCE: England

 BIRTH: 1465

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503]







                                                                 _JOHN Heron TYRRELL Knt. of Herron_____+

                                                                | (1390 - 1437)                        

                            _THOMAS Heron TYRRELL Knt. of Heron_|

                           | (1411 - 1476) m 1430               |

                           |                                    |_ALICE de COGGESHALL __________________+

                           |                                      (1382 - 1422)                        


| (1430 - ....)            |

|                          |                                     _WILLIAM de MARNEY Knt. of Laye Marney_+

|                          |                                    | (1370 - 1414) m 1388                  

|                          |_ANNA de MARNEY ____________________|

|                            (1402 - 1477) m 1430               |

|                                                               |_ELIZABETH (Cergeaux) SERGEAUX ________+

|                                                                 (1378 - 1414) m 1388                  



|  (1465 - ....)

|                                                                _______________________________________

|                                                               |                                      

|                           _HENRY le BRUN _____________________|

|                          | (1400 - ....)                      |

|                          |                                    |_______________________________________

|                          |                                                                            

|_ELIZABETH le BRUN _______|

  (1430 - 1493)            |




ABT 1430 - ____

ID Number: I41160


 RESIDENCE: England

 BIRTH: ABT 1430

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503]

Father: THOMAS Heron TYRRELL Knt. of Heron

Mother: ANNA de MARNEY


Family 1 : ELIZABETH le BRUN



                                                                              _THOMAS Heron TYRRELL _____________________+

                                                                             | (1370 - 1423)                            

                                      _JOHN Heron TYRRELL Knt. of Herron_____|

                                     | (1390 - 1437)                         |

                                     |                                       |_ELIZABETH FLAMBERT _______________________

                                     |                                         (1375 - ....)                            

 _THOMAS Heron TYRRELL Knt. of Heron_|

| (1411 - 1476) m 1430               |

|                                    |                                        _WILLIAM de COGGESHALL Knt. of Godham Hall_

|                                    |                                       | (1360 - ....)                            

|                                    |_ALICE de COGGESHALL __________________|

|                                      (1382 - 1422)                         |

|                                                                            |_ANTIOCHA HAWKWOOD ________________________

|                                                                              (1365 - ....)                            



|  (1430 - ....)

|                                                                             _ROBERT de MARNEY Knt. of Layer Marney_____

|                                                                            | (1340 - ....)                            

|                                     _WILLIAM de MARNEY Knt. of Laye Marney_|

|                                    | (1370 - 1414) m 1388                  |

|                                    |                                       |_ALICE LACER of Bromley____________________+

|                                    |                                         (1350 - ....)                            

|_ANNA de MARNEY ____________________|

  (1402 - 1477) m 1430               |

                                     |                                        _RICHARD (Cergeaux) SERGEAUX Knt.__________+

                                     |                                       | (1340 - 1393) m 1378                      

                                     |_ELIZABETH (Cergeaux) SERGEAUX ________|

                                       (1378 - 1414) m 1388                  |

                                                                             |_PHILIPPA FitzAlan ARUNDEL ________________+

                                                                               (1350 - 1399) m 1378                      





16.  THOMAS TYRRELL II  b. about 1430 d. about 1490 married Elizabeth Le Brun b. about 1430 Brun. South Ockendon, England d. 1473, England

Thomas TYRRELL (Sir)

• TITLE: Sir

Father: Thomas TYRRELL

Mother: Anna MARNEY


Family 1: Elizabeth LEBRUN

1. +William TYRRELL


                   _John TYRRELL ________

 _Thomas TYRRELL _|

|                 |_Alice DE COGGESHALL _


|--Thomas TYRRELL


|                  _John MARNEY _________

|_Anna MARNEY ____|

                  |_Agnes Throckmorton___


  Thomas Tyrrell  m.  Anne Marney b.  1410 - You can follow the Tyrrell line here on the TIREL LINEAGE - I WILL NOW SWITCH TO ANNE MARNEY'S DESCENDANTS SO THE NUMBERING IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT



     1.  John Marney m. Agnes Throckmorton

. 2.  William Marney m. Elizabeth Serjeaux

     3.  Richard Serjeaux m. Phillippa Fitzalan (from here there are all of the Kings of Scotland) I'll put                  that in another document

4.  Despenser, Isabel - Married 1321 to Fitzalan, Richard, Earl of Arundel 10th who descends from Alan Fitz Flaad - Royal Kings of Scotland

Father: Despenser, Hugh the younger le, Lord le Despenser

Mother: de Clare, Eleanor, b. OCT 1292

Child 1: Arundel, Edmund

Child 2: Fitzalan, Mary

Child 3: Fitzalan, Eleanor, b. CIR 1355

Child 4 - Fitzalan, Philippa


5. de Clare, Eleanor  Born: OCT 1292, Caerphilly Castle, Glamorgan Died: 30 JUN 1337

Father: de Clare, Gilbert "the Red", Earl Gloucester 3rd, b. 2 SEP 1243 - MAGNA CHARTA SURETY THROUGH HIS FATHER RICHARD DE CLARE

Mother: , Joan of Acre, Princess, b. 1272

Married 1306, Westminster to Despenser, Hugh the younger le, Lord le Despenser

Child 1: Despenser, Isabel

Child 2: Despenser, Hugh le, Lord le Despenser, b. ABT 1308

Child 3: Despenser, Edward le

Child 4: de Despencer, Elizabeth  Married 1327 to de Mortimer, William la Zouche


6.  Joan of Acre, Princess of England Born: 1272, Acre, Palestine Died: 23 APR 1307,   Clare,Suffolk,England  Interred: 26 APR 1307, Priory Church of the Austin Friars,Clare

Notes: Countess of Gloucester and Hertford. Her father had arranged for her to be

married to Amadeus of Savoy, but she had already secretly married to Ralph, a member of the Kings household.

Father: , Edward I (Longshanks), King of England, b. 17 JUN 1239

Mother: , Eleanor of Castile, Cts de Ponthieu, b. ABT 1244

Associated with , Herman

Married 30 APR 1290, Westminster Abbey, London, England to de Clare, Gilbert "the Red", Earl Gloucester 3rd

Child 1: de Clare, Gilbert, Earl of Gloucester, b. 10 MAY 1291

Child 2: de Clare, Eleanor, b. OCT 1292

Child 3: de Clare, Margaret, b. OCT 1292

Child 4: de Clare, Elizabeth, b. 16 SEP 1295

Married JAN 1297 to de Monthermer, Ralph, Baron, Earl of Hertford

Child 5: de Monthermer, Mary, b. 1298

Child 6: de Monthermer, Thomas, Baron Monthermer 2nd, b. 1301

Child 7: de Monthermer, Edward, Baron Monthermer 3rd, b. 1304

Child 8: de Monthermer, Joan, Nun at Amesbury

Associated with de Savoie, Amadeus V the Great, Count of Savoy

For further information see also these other records

• presidents0669


7.  Edward I (Longshanks), King of England

Born: 17 JUN 1239, Westminster Palace, London, England

Acceded: 19 AUG 1274, Westminster Abbey, London, England

Died: 7 JUL 1307, Burgh-on-the-Sands, Near Carlisle

Interred: Westminster Abbey, London, England


Reigned 1272-1307

In the Barons war 1264-67 he defeated the Barons at Evesham (1265) as King

he is noted for encouraging Parliamentary institutions at the expense of

feudalism and for subduing Wales on which he imposed the English system of

administration. He later tried to assert his authority over Scotland and died

while on his way to fight Robert Bruce from whom the Terrells are also descended

Father: , Henry III, King of England, b. 1 OCT 1207

Mother: Berenger, Eleanor of Provence, b. ABT 1217

Married 18 OCT 1254, Abbey of Las Huelgas, Burgos, Castile to , Eleanor of Castile, Cts de Ponthieu

Child 1: , Eleanor, Princess, b. 17 JUN 1264

Child 2: , Joan, b. 1265

Child 3: , John, b. 10 JUL 1266

Child 4: , Henry, b. 13 JUL 1267

Child 5: , Julian (Katherine), b. 1271

Child 6: , Joan of Acre, Princess, b. 1272

Child 7: , Alfonso, Earl of Chester, b. 24 NOV 1273

Child 8: , Margaret, b. 11 SEP 1275

Child 9: , Berengaria, b. 1276

Child 10: , Mary, Nun at Amesbury, b. 11 MAR 1278

Child 11: , Isabella, b. 12 MAR 1279

Child 12: , Alice, b. 12 MAR 1279

Child 13: , Elizabeth (Isabel), Princess, b. 7 AUG 1282

Child 14: , Edward II of Caernarvon, King of England, b. 25 APR 1284

Child 15: , Beatrice, b. ABT 1286

Child 16: , Blanche, b. 1290

Married 10 SEP 1299, Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent to Hardi, Marguerite of France le

Child 17: Plantagenet, Thomas of Brotherton, Earl of Norfolk, b. 1 JUN 1300

Child 18: Plantagenet, Edmund of Woodstock, Earl of Kent 1, b. 5 AUG 1301

Child 19: , Eleanor, b. 4 MAY 1306

Child 20: Botetourt, John, Lord of Mendlesham, b. CIR 1265

For further information see also these other records

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8.  Henry III, King of England Born: 1 OCT 1207, Winchester Castle, Hampshire, England

Acceded: 28 OCT 1216, Gloucester Cathedral

Died: 16 NOV 1272, Westminster Palace, London, England

Interred: Westminster Abbey, London, England

Notes:  Reigned 1216-1272. A minor when he took the throne he did not take the reigns

of Government himself until 1234. Baronian discontent simmered, boiling over

in 1258 when Henry facing financial disaster attempted to raise large sums

from his magnates. Reforms were agreed upon but then renouced by Henry. Simon

de Montford lead a rebellion against the King (the Barons Wars) which was

defeated after initial success, thereafter Hnery ceeded much of his power to

his son. Burke say he was born 10 Oct 1206 and married 14 Jan, crowned 1216.

Father: , John I Lackland, King of England, b. 24 DEC 1167

Mother: Taillefer, Isabella of Angoulême, Queen of England, b. ABT 1188

Married 14 JAN 1236, Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent to Berenger, Eleanor of Provence

Child 1: , Edward I (Longshanks), King of England, b. 17 JUN 1239

Child 2: , Margaret, b. 29 SEP 1240

Child 3: , Beatrice, b. 25 JUN 1242

Child 4: Plantagenet, Edmund Crouchback Leicester, Earl of Leicester, b. 16 JAN 1245

Child 5: , Richard, b. ABT 1247

Child 6: , John, b. ABT 1250

Child 7: , William, b. ABT 1252

Child 8: , Katherine, a Mute, b. 25 NOV 1253

Child 9: , Henry, b. AFT 1256


9. John I Lackland, King of England

Born: 24 DEC 1167, Beaumont Palace,Oxford,England

Acceded: 27 MAY 1199, Westminster Abbey, London, England

Died: 19 OCT 1216, Newark Castle, Newark, Nottinghamshire

Interred: Worcester Cathedral


Reigned 1199-1216. Signed Magna Carta in 1215 at Runnymede.

His reign saw renewal of war with Phillip II Augustus of France to whom he has

lost several continental possessions including Normandy by 1205. He came into

conflict with his Barons and was forced to Sign the Magna Carta. His later

repudiation of the charter led to the first barons war 1215-17 during which

John died. Burke says he was born in 1160.

King of Ireland 1177, Count of Mortain 1189, Earl of Gloucester.

Father: FitzEmpress, Henry II Curtmantle, King of England, b. 25 MAR 1133

Mother: , Eleanor of Aquitaine, Duchess of Aquitaine, b. ABT 1122

Married 29 AUG 1189, Marlborough Castle, Wiltshire Divorce 1199 to de Clare, Isabella, of Gloucester, Countess of Gloucester

Married 24 AUG 1200, Bordeaux to Taillefer, Isabella of Angoulême, Queen of England

Child 1: , Henry III, King of England, b. 1 OCT 1207

Child 2: , Richard of Cornwall, Earl of Cornwall, b. 5 JAN 1209

Child 3: , Joan, b. 22 JUL 1210

Child 4: , Isabella (Elizabeth), Empress of Germany, b. 1214

Child 5: , Eleanor, b. 1215

Associated with Ferrers, Agatha

Child 6: , Joan of England

Associated with de Warenne, Suzanne

Child 7: FitzJohn, Richard of Dover, Baron of Chilham

Associated with de Tracy, Hawise

Child 8: , Oliver

Child 9: Gifford, Osbert

Child 10: FitzRoy, Geoffrey

Child 11: Courcy, John FitzJohn, Knight or Clerk o lincoln

Child 12: FitzRoy, Odo (Eudo)

Child 13: , Ivo

Child 14: , Henry

Child 15: , Richard, Constable Wallingford Csl

Child 16: , Matilda, Abbess of Barking

Child 17: Blanche, Isabella la

For further information see also these other records



10.  FitzEmpress, Henry II Curtmantle, King of England


Born: 25 MAR 1133, Le Mans, Anjou

Acceded: 19 DEC 1154, Westminster Abbey, London, England

Died: 6 JUL 1189, Chinon Castle, France

Interred: Fontevraud Abbey, France


Reigned 1154-1189. He ruled an empire that stretched from the Tweed to the

Pyrenees. In spite of frequent hostilities with the French King his own

family and rebellious Barons (culminating in the great revolt of 1173-74) and

his quarrel with Thomas Becket, Henry maintained control over his possessions

until shortly before his death. His judicial and administrative reforms which

increased Royal control and influence at the expense of the Barons were of

great constitutional importance. Introduced trial by Jury. Duke of Normandy.

Father: Plantagenet, Geoffrey V the Fair, Count of Anjou and Maine, b. 24 AUG 1113

Mother: , Matilda the Empress, Queen of England, b. ABT 1103/04

Married 18 MAY 1152, Bordeaux Cathedral, Bordeaux, France to , Eleanor of Aquitaine, Duchess of Aquitaine

Child 1: , William, Count of Poitiers, b. 17 AUG 1152

Child 2: , Henry the Young King, King of England, b. 28 FEB 1155

Child 3: , Matilda (Maud), b. JUN 1156

Child 4: , Richard I Coeur de Lion, King of England, b. 8 SEP 1157

Child 5: Plantagenet, Geoffrey II of Bretagne, Duke of Brittany, b. 23 SEP 1158

Child 6: Plantagenet, Eleanor, b. 13 OCT 1162

Child 7: Plantagenet, Joan, b. OCT 1165

Child 8: , John I Lackland, King of England, b. 24 DEC 1167

Associated with Clifford, Rosamund (Joan)

Child 9: Plantagenet, Geoffrey, Archbishop of York, b. ABT 1159

Child 10: Longespée, William of Salisbury, Earl of Salisbury, b. AFT 1160

Child 11: , Peter

Associated with Capet, Alisa

Child 12: , daughter

Child 13: , three children

Associated with Bloet, Nesta

Child 14: , Morgan of Beverley, Provost of Beverley

Associated with de Porhoët, Alice

Child 15: , child, b. ABT 1168

Child 16: , Matilda of Barking, Abbess of Barking

Child 17: , Hugh of Wells, Bishop of Lincoln

Child 18: , Richard


10.  Matilda the Empress, Queen of England

Born: ABT 1103/04, Winchester, England

Acceded: APR 1141

Died: 10 SEP 1167, Abbey of Notre Dame des Prés, Rouen

Interred: Rouen Cathedral, Rouen, France


She was designated Henry's heir, and on his death (1135), Stephen seized the

throne and Matilda invaded England (1139) inaugurating a period of

inconclusive civil war. She and he second husband (Geoffrey) captured Normandy

and in 1152 the Treaty of Wallingford recognized Henry as Stephen's heir.

Burke says she was betrothed in her eight year (1119) to Henry.

Father: , Henry I Beauclerc, King of England, b. ABT SEP 1068

Mother: , Matilda (Edith) of Scotland, b. 1079/80

Married 7 JAN 1114, Mainz, Germany to , Henry V of Germany, Holy Roman Emperor

Married 22 MAY 1128, Le Mans Cathedral, Anjou to Plantagenet, Geoffrey V the Fair, Count of Anjou and Maine

Child 1: FitzEmpress, Henry II Curtmantle, King of England, b. 25 MAR 1133

Child 2: , Geoffrey VI of Anjou, Count of Nantes & Anjou, b. 1 JUN 1134

Child 3: , William, Count of Poitou, b. 1136


11.  Henry I Beauclerc, King of England

Born: ABT SEP 1068, Selby,Yorkshire,England

Acceded: 6 AUG 1100, Westminster Abbey, London, England

Died: 1 DEC 1135, St Denis-le-Fermont,Near Gisors

Interred: Reading Abbey, Berkshire


Reigned 1100-1135. Duke of Normandy 1106-1135.

His reign is notable for important legal and administrative reforms, and for

the final resolution of the investiture controversy. Abroad, he waged several

campaigns in order to consolidate and expand his continental possessions.

Was so hated by his brothers that they vowed to disinherit him. In 1106 he

captured Robert and held him til he died. He proved to be a hard but just

ruler. He apparently died from over eating Lampreys!


his father was William I the Conqueror, King of England, b. 1028

his mother was Matilda of Flanders, b. ABT 1031

Married 11 NOV 1100, Westminster Abbey, London, England to , Matilda (Edith) of Scotland

Child 1: , Euphamia, b. JUL 1101

Child 2: , Matilda the Empress, Queen of England, b. ABT 1103/04

Child 3: , William the Aetheling, Duke of Normandy, b. BEF 5 AUG 1103

Child 4: , Richard

Married 29 JAN 1122, Windsor Castle,Windsor,Berkshire,England to , Adeliza of Louvain, Queen of England

Associated with Corbet, Sybilla

Child 5: de Caen, Robert of Gloucester de Mellent, Earl of Gloucester, b. CIR 1090

Child 6: , Sybilla, b. CIR 1092

Child 7: , Constance

Child 8: , Matilda (Maud)

Child 9: de Dunstanville, Rainald, Earl of Cornwall, b. ABT 1112

Child 10: , Gilbert, b. ABT 1130

Child 11: de Tracy, William

Child 12: , William, Constable, b. BEF 1105

Child 13: , Eustacie

Child 14: , Alice (Aline)

Child 15: , Gundred

Child 16: , Rohese

Child 17: , Daughter

Child 18: , Joan (Elizabeth)

Child 19: , Emma

Child 20: , daughter

Child 21: , Sybillia of Falaise

Associated with , Nest, Princess of Deheubarth

Child 22: fitzHenry, Henry, b. ABT 1103

Associated with , Ansfride

Child 23: , Richard of Lincoln, b. BEF 1101

Child 24: , Fulk, Monk at Abingdon, b. BEF 1100

Child 25: , Juliane, Nun at Fontevrault, b. ABT 1090

Associated with Sigulfson, Edith

Child 26: FitzEdith, Robert, Baron of Okenhampton

Associated with , Edith

Child 27: , Maud, b. ABT 1090

Associated with de Beaumont, Isabel (Elizabeth)

Child 28: , Isabel, b. ABT 1120

Child 29: , Maud of Montivilliers, Abbess of Montivilliers

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12.  William I the Conqueror, King of England


Born: 1028, Falaise,Normandy,France

Acceded: 25 DEC 1066, Westminster Abbey, London, England

Died: 9 SEP 1087, Hermentrube, Near Rouen, France

Interred: St Stephen Abbey,Caen,Normandy


Reigned 1066-1087. Duke of Normandy 1035-1087. Invaded England defeated and

killed his rival Harold at the Battle of Hastings and became King. The Norman

conquest of England was completed by 1072 aided by the establishment of

feaudalism under which his followers were granted land in return for pledges

of service and loyalty. As King William was noted for his efficient if harsh

rule. His administration relied upon Norman and other foreign personnell

especially Lanfranc Archbishop of Canterbury. In 1085 started Domesday Book.

Father: Normandy, Robert II the Devil of, Duke of Normandy 6th, b. CIR 1008

Mother: , Herleva (Arlette), Officer of the Household, b. CIR 1012

Married 1053, Cathedral of Notre Dame d'Eu, Normandy to , Matilda of Flanders

Child 1: , Robert II Curthose, Duke of Normandy, b. 1054

Child 2: , Richard, Duke of Bernay, b. ABT 1055

Child 3: , Cecilia of Holy Trinity, Abbess of Caen, b. 1056

Child 4: , Adeliza, Nun, b. 1055

Child 5: , William II Rufus, King of England, b. 1056/60

Child 6: , Constance, b. ABT 1066

Child 7: , Adela, Countess of Blois, b. ABT 1067

Child 8: , Agatha, b. ABT 1064

Child 9: , Matilda

Child 10: , Henry I Beauclerc, King of England, b. ABT SEP 1068

4.  Normandy, Robert II the Devil of, Duke of Normandy 6th

Born: CIR 1008, Normandy, France

Acceded: 6 AUG 1028

Died: 22 JUN 1035, Nice, Bithynia

Notes: Robert contributed to the restoration of Henry King of France to his throne, and received from the gratitude of that monarch, the Vexin, as an additional to his patrimonial domains. In the 8th year of his reign, curiosity or devotion induced him to undertake a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, where the fatigues of the journey and the heat of the climate so impaired his constitution he died on his way home. Some sources call him Robert I the Magnificent!

Father: Normandy, Richard II the Good of, Duke of Normany 4th

Mother: , Judith of Brittany, b. ABT 982

Associated with , Herleva (Arlette), Officer of the Household

Child 1: , Adeliza of Normany, Countess of Aumale, b. 1029

Child 2: , William I the Conqueror, King of England, b. 1028

Married 1031 Divorce 1032 to , Estrith (Margaret) of Denmark

Normandy, Richard II the Good of, Duke of Normandy 4th

Acceded: 996

Died: 28 AUG 1026

Father: Normandy, Richard I the Fearless of, Duke of Normandy 3rd, b. 933

Mother: Crêpon, Gunnor of

Married ABT 1000 to , Judith of Brittany

Child 1: , Richard III of Normandy, Duke of Normandy 5th

Child 2: Normandy, Robert II the Devil of, Duke of Normandy 6th, b. CIR 1008

Child 3: , William (Nicholas), Monk at Féchamp

Child 4: , Alice (Adelaide, Judith)

Child 5: , Daughter

Child 6: , Eleanora of Normandy

Married 1017 Divorce to , Estrith (Margaret) of Denmark

Married ABT 1024 to , Papia of Envermeu

Child 7: , Mauger of Rouen, Archbishop of Rouen

Child 8: , William of Arques, Count of Arques

Child 9: , Papia


12.  Normandy, Richard I Fearless of, Duke of Normandy 3rd Born: 933, Fecamp, France

Acceded: 942  Died: 20 NOV 996, Fecamp, France

Father: Normandy, William I LONGSWORD of, Duke of Normany 2nd

Mother: Senlis, Sprota (Adela) of

Married 960 to Paris, Emma of

Married to Crêpon, Gunnor of

Child 1: Normandy, Richard II the Good of, Duke of Normany 4th

Child 2: , Mauger of Corbeil, Earl of Corbeil

Child 3: , Robert of Evereaux, Count, Bishop of Rouen

Child 4: , Matilda

Child 5: , Emma of Normandy, b. CIR 986

Child 6: , Hedwig (Hawise)

Child 7: , Beatrix of Normandy

Child 8: , Godfrey of Brionne & Eu

Child 9: Hiesmes, William of, Count of Eu


2. Normandy, William I LONGSWORD of, Duke of Normandy

2ndAcceded: 932  Died: 17 DEC 942

Father: Ragnvaldsson, Robert (Rollo) of Norway, Duke of Normandy 1st, b. 870

Mother: de Valois, Poppa of Normandy, Duchess of Normandy

Associated with Senlis, Sprota (Adela) of

Child 1: Normandy, Richard I the Fearless of, Duke of Normandy 3rd, b. 933

Child 2: D'Ivry, Raoul

Married 935 to Vermandois, Luitgarda of



13.   Ragnvaldsson, Robert (Rollo) of Norway, Duke of Normandy 1st

Born: 870, Norway

Acceded: 911

Died: 932

Notes: See Europäisch Stammtafeln Bund II tafel 36.

Father: Ragnvaldsson, Rolf the Ganger, Duke of Normandy 1st, b. 846

Married 886 to de Valois, Poppa of Normandy, Duchess of Normandy - This is a wonderful story as she is directly descended from all of the Emperors of Rome and Jerusalem

Child 1: Normandy, William I LONGSWORD of, Duke of Normany 2nd

Child 2: , Robert of Corbeil, Count of Corbeil

Child 3: , Crespina

Child 4: , Gerletta

Child 5: , Kathlin

Child 6: , Adele of Normandy, b. ABT 917

Married 912 to , Gisela


From here you must look up the Danish section under Genealogy.  Thank you and I hope this has helped







(shown above is the house after the Civil War)



Early History

The site on which the Moore House now stands was first patented by Governor John Harvey in the 1630's, and was named "York Plantation." A century later, it was part of a 500 acre plantation called "Temple Farm" where Lawrence Smith II built a family home. In 1754, the estate passed to Smith's son, Robert. By 1760, however, Robert found himself in financial straits, and was forced to sell the farm that had been in his family for three generations. He sold the 500 acre estate to his brother-in-law, Augustine Moore.


Augustine Moore


Augustine Moore began his career as a merchant at the age of 14, when he became an apprentice to William Nelson of Yorktown. He served the Nelson firm for many years, and became parter of "Thos Nelson, Jr. & Co." in 1773.

In 1767, Augustine inherited three plantations from his father, establishing him as a landowner of some estate. The following year he purchased "Temple Farm", and eventually moved his wife and son into the present plantation house to become a gentleman farmer in the fashion then prevalent in Virginia.

In 1781, when General Cornwallis moved his British army into Yorktown, many residents left their homes and fled the area. The Moore family may also have abandoned their home, temporarily moving to Richmond during the Yorktown Siege. What they certainly could not have known, was that their home would become a site of national significance on October 18, 1781, when it was selected to be the backdrop for one of the final scenes of the American Revolution.


The Surrender Negotiations


At 10 o'clock on the morning of October 17, 1781, a drummer beating a "parley," and a British officer with a flag of truce, mounted a parapet south of Yorktown. The allies saw the signal, and soon the incessant, devastating artillery fire ceased. A hushed stillness fell over the field.

Lord Cornwallis, realizing the defeat of his army was inevitable, sent a message to General George Washington:


"Sir, I propose a cessation of hostilities for twenty-four hours, and that two officers may be appointed by each side, to meet at Mr. Moore's house, to settle terms for the surrender of the posts of York and Gloucester."


Why Cornwallis selected the Moore House for the negotiations was not explained, however, there are a number of possibilities.The Moore House was well outside the line of siege fire, and therefore, not damaged. It was a neutral location, hiding the British situation in town, and possibly selected in the hope of securing better surrender terms. And finally, it was a convenient location for both sides to reach, as it was situated along the York River

Washington agreed to only a two hour cease fire for Cornwallis to submit general terms of surrender. Messages continued to pass over the battlefield between the two commanders.

Finally, on the afternoon of October 18, the two British commissioners, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Dundas and Major Alexander Ross met in "Mr. Moore's house" with the allied officers, Lieutenant Colonel John Laurens, for the Americans, and Second Colonel Viscount de Noailles (Marquis de Lafayette's brother-in-law), representing the French.

The negotiations ended before midnight, and Laurens carried a rough draft of the articles to General Washington. Washington, however, was not completely happy with the results and made a few minor changes. Once the articles were revised and redrafted, a copy was sent to Cornwallis in Yorktown for his signature.


The Articles


The Articles of Capitulation were terms for the surrender of Cornwallis's British army. The 14 articles directed the surrender from the disposition of the troops, artillery, and arms, to even the surrender ceremony itself.

The articles directed where the troops, now prisoners of war, were to be sent. The soldiers were marched off to camps in Frederick, Maryland, and Winchester, Virginia. One field officer for every 50 men was allowed to reside near their respective regiments to witness their treatment and deliver clothing and other necessaries to the soldiers at the camps. All other officers were paroled and allowed to go to Europe, New York, or any other American post then in possession of the British forces, on the condition they would no longer fight until properly exchanged.

Another article provided for the care of the sick and wounded prisoners. Proper hospitals would be furnished, with patients attended by their surgeons on parole. Medicine and supplies were to be provided by the American hospitals, the British stores in both York and Gloucester, and passports would be issued to procure further supplies from New York if necessary.

The third article referred to the surrender ceremony and contained the provision that deprived the British of the honors war. Customary honors allowed the surrendering troops to march out of their works with their regimental flags flying and playing an enemy's tune in honor of the victor. George Washington was not going to allow these honors, instead he stated, " The same honors will be granted to the surrendering army as granted to the garrison of Charlestown". In May, 1780, an American army was captured at Charleston, South Carolina and not given the honors of war, therefore, in retaliation, the British would not be granted them at Yorktown. The troops, the article read, were to "...march out...with shouldered arms, colors cased, and drums beating a British or German march. They are then to ground their arms and return to their encampment, where they will remain until they are dispatched to the places of their destination..."

By the afternoon of October 19th, 1781, both commanders had signed the Articles of Capitulation, and the defeated British army was marching out from Yorktown to lay down their arms, ending the last major battle of the American Revolution.


Preservation Efforts


The Moore House remained in the Moore family until 1797, when it passed to the son of Thomas Nelson Jr., Hugh Nelson, after the death of both Augustine and his wife Lucy. Thereafter, the house changed hands many times.

During the 1862 Peninsula Campaign of the Civil War, military action around Yorktown caused considerable damage to the Moore House. Sitting in between Confederate lines in Yorktown and the Union forces on Wormley Creek, the house was within easy range of shell fire. Later, foraging soldiers stripped away siding and other usable wood for


The house remained derelict until 1881 when much needed repairs and some additions were made in preparation for the Centennial Celebration of the allied victory at Yorktown. The newly refurbished structure housed dignitaries during the celebration.

In the years between 1931 and 1934, the National Park Service, which had just established Colonial National Monument (later Historical Park), restored the Moore House to its original colonial appearance. Archeology and historic images were used to assist in its restoration.

The restoration was one of the first of its kind for the National Park Service. The house was completed and formally dedicated on October 18-19, 1934, the 153rd anniversary of the surrender of Cornwallis and his British army.



















1st gen.    Christian and Hannah Longnecker – children of

2nd gen.   Gregory Stuart Longnecker – son of

3rd gen.   Nancy Clendenin Terrell – daughter of

4th gen.   James Emmett Terrell – son of

5th gen.    Early Thomas Terrell – son of

6th gen.    Charles Thomas Terrell – son of

7th gen.    Ann Terrell and Dabney Carr Terrell – son of

8th gen.    David Terrell – son of

9th gen.    Joseph Terrell, Jr. son of

10th gen.   Joseph Terrell – son of

11th gen.   Elizabeth Foster – daughter of

12th gen.   John Foster and Anne Moore – daughter of

13th gen.   Captain Augustine Moore – owner of the Moore House where General Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington at the End of the Revolutionary War.  The Moor e home remained in the Moore family for many generations.










This is my direct ancestor 12 generations back.


John Moore  


Born: 1584-00-00 England

Died: (unknown) Elizabeth City Co, Virginia USA



1. 1623-00-00 Elizabeth Merritt



Children of John Moore and Elizabeth Merritt:

*Augustine Moore  b. about 1624-00-00  



"MORE, JOHN, age 36 in the "BONA NOVA" 1620 (his own muster), wife ELIZABETH MORE in the "ABIGAIL" 1622. Provisions: "Corne, 3 barreles; Fish, 400 ct., Armes: peeces, 3; powder, 2 lb; lead, 16 lb; house, 1; pallizado, 1; Store, 1."



"The Moore family begins with JOHN MOORE, who patented 285 acres in Elizabeth City Co.,(VA) in 1638. He came to Virginia in the "BONA NOVA" in 1620 at age 36. His wife ELIZABETH MOORE, came in the "ABIGAIL" in 1622. They were living at Elizabeth City in 1625 (Hotten). In 1676, AUGUSTINE MOORE (2) of the Old Poquoson, Elizabeth Cith Co., patented the land formerly granted to his father, JOHN. He married, perhaps twice, first ANNE, named in a land grant in 1652, the second, ELIZABETH, named in Elizabeth City Co. records. AUGUSTINE MOORE (2) died before 1688. he had issue (1) JOHN (2) Elizabeth who married Capt. John Goodwin (3) Capt. Augustine Moore, one of the Justices of Elizabeth City Co., who probably married Mary Woolley, since his wife, Mary, in 1677 in a deed in Lancaster Co. called George Woolley "Brother". (Edmund Sweeny, d. 1698, calls MOORE "brother"). Issue of Capt Moore (3) John, Edward, Merritt, Daniel, Martha (m. Dixon), Ann, Wm. 7 Augustine. Of these, Daniel Moore (4) lived in York Co., m. first Elizabeth, dau. of James Sclater, (2nd) Mary, dau. of Anthony Watts, and widow of John Lewellin, third, Mary Kerby, widow of Anthony Robinson Jr., Daniel Moore d. in 1767 and his widow Mary and son Augustine, lived at the "Temple Farm", York Co., and were there at the time of the surrender of Lord Cornwallis."


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"Reference to records in the State Land Office shows that a JOHN MOORE patented 3 July 1635 (not 1638) 200 acres (not 285) in Elizabeth City Co., on the Little Poquoson adjacent Thomas Boulding and Thomas Garnett, and runniing south into the woods towards the head of Broad Creek and that AUGUSTINE MOORE patented 19 June 1676, 285 ac. in Eliz. City Co. at the head of the Little Poquoson Creek 200 ac. of which land was granted to JOHN MOORE, father of the said AUGUSTINE MOORE, by patent dated 3 July 1635, and the other 85 acres in Eliz. City. Co., was granted in 1638 to a JOSEPH MOORE (not JOHN MOORE).


The above RootsWeb entry has him and his wife born in Ireland. Another entry shows them born in Reading, Berkshire England. It gives his wife's last name as Meirrett.


His wife's last name is often spelled Merritt.

Moore Family of  Tidewater, Virginia


MOORE FAMILY. The Moore family begins with John Moore, who patented 285 acres in Elizabeth City county in 1638. He came to Virginia on the "Bona Nova" in 1620, at the age of thirty-six. His wife, Elizabeth Moore, came in the Abigail in 1622. They were living at Elizabeth City In 1625 (Hotten). In 1676 Augustine Moore (2) of the Old Poquoson, Elizabeth City, patented the land formerly granted to his father, John. He married, perhaps twice, first Annie, named in a land grant in I652 and second, Elizabeth, named in Elizabeth City county records. Augustine Moore (2) died before 1688. He had issue (1) John, (2) Elizabeth who married Captain John Goodwin. (3) Capt. Augustine Moore, one of the justices of Elizabeth City county, who probably married Mary Woolley, since his wife, Mary, in 1677, in a deed in Lancaster county calls George Woolley "Brother." (Edmund Sweeny, died 1698, calls Moore brother). Issue of Captain Moore (3); John, Edward, Merritt, Daniel, Martha, married Dixon, Ann, William and Augustine. Of these, Daniel Moore (4) lived in York county, married first, Elizabeth, daughter of James Selater, second, Mary, daughter of Anthony Watts and widow of John Lewellin, third, Mary Kerby, widow of Anthony Robinson, Jr. Daniel Moore died in 1767, and his widow, Mary, and son, Augustine lived at the "Temple Farm" York county and were there at the time of the surrender of Lord Cornwallis."

Reference to records in the State Land Office shows that a John Moore patented, July 3, 1635 (not 1638), 200 acres (not 285 acres) in Elizabeth City county on the Little Poquoson adjoining Thomas Bouldiug and Thomas Garnett, and running south into the woods towards the head of Broad Creek, and that Augustine Moore patented June 19, 1676, 285 acres in Elizabeth City county, at the head of the Little Poquoson creek, 200 acres of which land was granted to John Moore, father of the said Augustine Moore; by patent dated July 3, 1635, and the other 85 acres found within the bounds of the aforementioned tract. A patent for 200 acres in Elizabeth City county was granted in 1638 to a Joseph Moore (not John Moore), and evidently the author confused the two.



This Is The Will Of John Moore, Son Of Capt. Augustine Moore and brother of Anne Moore

Will Book 1, Page 127 Will Of John Moore  September 1762


I John Moore Of Elizabeth City County In The Parish Aforesaid...Give Unto My Loving Wife Ann Moore My Negro Woman Called ______ And My Negro Girl Called Sandor ... I Give And Bequeath Unto Ann Armistead, Wife Of James Armistead My Negro Boy Called Ned ...... I Give Unto My Loving Wife Ann Moore The Use Of My Two Negro Men Jupiter And George During Her Natural Life And After Her Death I Give And Bequeath Unto My Daughter Elizabeth Moore The Same Two Negro Men Jupiter And George To Her And Her Heirs And In Falure Of Such Heirs In My Daughter, Then I Give The Said Jupiter And George To My Nephew Augustine Moore To Him And His Heirs Lawfully Begotton.... I Give And Bequeath Unto My Daughter Elizabeth Moore My Two Negros ______ And Frank To Her And Her Heirs Lawfully Begotten Forever.... Witness Wherefore I Have Hereunto Sett My Hand And Affixed My Seal This Thirteenth Day Of September, One Thousand Seven Hundred And Sixty Two.

Capt. Augustine Moore, One Of The Justices Of Elizabeth City County, Who Probably Married Mary Woolley, Since His Wife Mary.  In 1677, In A Deed In Lancaster County, Calls George Woolley "Brother".


Hampton Courthouse, Hampton, Va Book 1 Wills 1701 -1859 Pg 9


... I Give  To My Loving Brother John More....My Negro Man Tom ...


... I Give To My  Nephew Augustine More My Negro Girl Easter And My Negro Boy George ...


... I Give To My Neice Elizabeth More, Daughter Of My Same Brother William More (Decd.)My Negro Girl Called Whitte And My Negro Girl Called Lucey ...


... I Give To My Loving Brother Merritt More My Negro Man Called Clinkussis, My Negro Man Called Cesar And My Two Negro Woman Called Frank And Sarah


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Another note, seemingly on this Moore family, is contained in a footnote accompanying the article on "Temple Farm", previously referred to, which note reads as follows:

"Augustine Moore, patent June 29, 1652, headrights, Anne his wife, Augustine (2) his son. Capt. Augustine Moore (2) lived in the "Old Pocoson" precinct in Elizabeth City county of which he was Justice, High Sheriff, &c., in 1697, probably the son mentioned in the patent above (June 29, 1652). Daniel (3), probably the son of Augustine (2), lived in the "New Pocoson" in York county, was Justice, Sheriff, &c, will proved 16 March, 1767, m. first Elizabeth, d. of James Selater (and Mary Selater), son of Rev. James Selater; issue:

Mary, b. Oct 27, 1729, will proved l9 Apr.,1790,

m. Edmund Tabb (will proved 15 March 1762, who had Elizabeth, m ___ Smith (issue:

Augustine and Fanny, m. ____ Powell).

Augustine, b March 6, 1731, will proved 15 Sept, 1788.

Martha, b. May 1734, m. ____ Sweny.

Daniel Moore; married, 2nd Mary, daughter of John Lewellin, who survived him."

Then are several apparent discrepancies in the two notes on the Moore Family quoted above, but none except one of any particular importance. In one note Augustine Moore; son of John Moore, of Elizabeth City county, patents land in 1676, and in the other an Augustine Moore, seemingly the same Augustine, patents land in 1652. The patent granted Augustine Moore in 1676 was for the same land on Little Poquoson in Elizabeth City county granted his father, John Moore; in 1635, and this certainly places this Augustine. The patent granted Augustine Moore in 1652 was for 650 acres of land on the north-east side of Peayanketank river, in what was then Lancaster county now Middlesex. And, among the thirteen headrights, all named in the record, are the patentee's own name, Augustine, and also the name of his wife, Anne, and of his son Augustine, Junior, so that it seems likely that this is another Augustine Moore, who had just come to Virginia, though from what follows in the text of the note just quoted it would appear that Doctor Tyler, who made this note, thought that the two Augustines were one and the same person. Also, in one note Daniel Moore is credited with three wives in the other with only two, and in one Daniel's second wife is the widow of John Lewellin, in the other she is John Lewellin's daughter.

The records in the State Land Office show a number of patents issued in the early days of the Colony to persons named Moore or More, but only three others in Elizabeth City county, in addition to those previously mentioned, two to Joseph Moore, each for 200 acres on the old Poquoson river, one in 1636, the other in 1638, and the other to William Moore, son of Joseph, in 1656, for 200 acres previously assigned to his father. Joseph may or may not have been related to John. It is immaterial. There were a number of other patents issued in the name of John Moore, or More, particularly a John More in Isle of Wight, whose first patent was granted in February, 1632. He was evidently a wealthy man, was a member of the House of Burgesses, and was undoubtedly a different individual from the John Moore of Elizabeth City county. John More in Isle of Wight, and Augustine More in King William were by all odds the wealthiest and the most prominent of the early Moores in Virginia. The latter was granted his first patent in 1723, though he must have been in Virginia prior to that. Augustine is a frequently encountered given name among the Moores or Mores of that period, and, as Doctor Tyler says, they may all have had a common ancestor, and, therefore, have been related, though possibly remotely in some instances. Certainly Augustine, of King William, was a very different type of man from the Moores of York and Elizabeth City counties.

Both the "Moore Family" notes in the William and Mary College Quarterly, October, 1900, and in Mrs. Key's article in the "Baltimore Sun," May 27, 1906, give the same names to the eight children of Augustine Moore (3) and Mary Woolley Moore, of Elizabeth City county. And the will of Augustine "More" (spelled with one "o"), which will was written in 1736 and admitted to probate in 1737, mentions a number of these children, namely, a brother John, a brother Merritt, a brother Daniel, a sister Martha Dixon, and a brother William, who is said to be "deceased," all of whom are mentioned in the Quarterly article, and in Mrs. Keys' Article, as names of the children of Augustine (3) and Mary Woolley Moore, but the will does not mention Edward or Ann, names of other children of Augustine (3), and Mary Woolley Moore, mentioned both in the Quarterly article, and in Mrs. Keys' article. Mrs. Ritchey had assumed that William Moore, the father of Jeremiah, was the son of Augustine Moore (3), but naturally, this William (4), who was dead in 1736 when the will was written could not have been the father of Jeremiah who was born in 1746.

Augustine' "More" (4) in his will mentions two children of this brother William (4), an Augustine (5), and an Elizabeth (5), but he does not mention a William (5), or a Daniel (5), or any other child of his brother William (4), or a child of any of his other brothers or sisters, though his brother Daniel had three children living at this time, and Augustine (4) may have had other nephews and nieces also living in 1735.