Costa Rica

A great place with friends, fauna, flora and lots of water - WE LOVED IT !!!!

Teri (of Ishi), Capt. Pete (of the UK) and Nanc (of Swan Song) in Gulfito, Costa Rica

gulfito 10 gulfito3 gulfito4 gulfito5 gulfito6 gulfito7 gulfito9 Gulfito1 Gulfito2 Ishi

Above - Teri, Peter and I had a lovely lunch at a typical restaurant with pool - great food.  The pink building on the beach is the cruisers lending library.  We found these in every anchorage everywhere we stopped.  The one thing that cruisers do is read.



One of the best couple friends we had in Venezuela and cruising up Central America were Gary & Teri on ISHI.  She is a great friend of mine and he is a computer geek right along with Dave.  She is also a Buddhist and loves to commune with nature.  She went with us on Swan Song to Mochima Park and we always love having her along.  Here they are saying good-by to us as we leave Gulfito, Costa Rica.

Gulfito - lending library