images of quan Yin - Icon of Compassion

THE TRAVELLER  (Chinese Poetry)

Wind-blown, and rain-soaked, she battles back along the road

She comes as straight as a swallow flying back to her nest –

She builds her muddy house like a rampart to stay dry

But then it falls apart, dissolving, like a sigh all over again.


*One of 300 poems abouot Quan Yin taken from the book  "Kuan Yin: Myths and prophecies of the Chinese Goddess of Compassion”  by Martin Palmer and Jay Ramsay


These beautiful photographs of the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion were taken by gifted photographer KATHY BEALE on her recent trip to Shanghai where she took a 16 day trip with a group of women, mostly from the San Francisco Zen Center, to tour the temples of Quan Yin.  This is a sacred pilgrimage for female Buddhists in that Quan Yin's life is held up as a most compassionate path for modern women to follow.  I just had to include them under peace


Kathy visited the island of Putuo Shan, the main temple and pilgrimage site for Quan Yin in the world, where these images were taken.  While there she the group visited the sacred Yellow Mountains, Huang Shan.  These are the mountains that are seen in most Chinese brush paintings and are an inspiration to me in my Sumi-e paintings.


Thank you, Kathy.  They are truly both beautiful and meditative.  I'm sorry David didn't get there.



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Quan Yin Meditation = Taken from my retreat at Kripalu Yoga Institute in Lenox, MA in '06


Allow your hands to fall in position with each other, right palm down, left palm up to receive. Be aware of yourselves in the center, be aware of the points between your hands where the chakras connect. As you breathe be aware of your own energy moving up and down with each breath from heaven.... Be aware of the energy stretching out on either side of you, be aware of your unique individuality and be aware of your connection with all.


We are Quan yin, we come to bring to you the essence of compassion, and the recognition that compassion must begin with the self. Your planet cries out for compassion, your planet moves on a very cellular level into this cellular structure of compassion. Indeed the cells and microorganisms of all living things have certain patterns programmed within them, and the human system does have a great capacity for compassion. This happens to be the age where the compassion can be released. So, if you observe the amount of sperm that get released when the man ejaculates, the seeds, there are millions of tiny energies or light forces that hold tremendous data and blue prints. Energetically the seeds of compassion are the same. Each person who extends the compassionate energy towards himself or towards another, sends out millions of tiny seedlings that will create new life, a new life of compassion.


We are Quan Yin, you can place yourself in a seated position where you will be comfortable for this time, where we will share in an auditory way, as well as an energetic way,  We will share with you this evenings through the grace and through the hearing, and through the sound. We will share with you these energies that come through the spoken word.


The spoken word is like a glyph or a symbol, if you were to look at a musical note, those of you who are musical would recognize in each note, or the way the notes are connected together on a page, a great symphony, or in some cases, a cacophony of noise or chaos. Words are the same way. They can be strung together into great poetry or odes, or they can be set out in ways that cause pain or sorrow. We ask you to work with words on your planet.


We ask this to you as a service for the compassionate nature of all human beings and for the compassionate nature within yourself. We ask you to take one moment in the next four or five days where you will actually write in a more poetic, or what you would call poetic, or write in a way that is more musical, musical words, not necessarily with tunes to them, but words that can be placed together in a way that they will bring you the light. You would have fun placing them together.


If it is a painful occupation then move away from it until it can become fun.


The music is totally simplistic to you, once you have composed your little Ode or your little ditty, then share it with someone else. Either write it with someone in mind, or write it for yourself, and later on share it with a friend, we ask you to do this.


There has been much misinterpretation of the word on the human plane and at this time there is much changing in the words, in the old stories, in their bibles and in your early tales of the tower of babble or the splitting of multiple languages to cause confusion.


This was done because human beings are by nature telepathic, as we are and as we are transmitting to all of you on more telepathic, more visceral, cellular level so that you can communicate with one another. So even though words are often said to be strange or composed or even intended to sound charming, they may hold another vibration behind it which is also transferred.


In the old stories the words were needed as a buffer between the energies, and human beings became dull, became clothed, became denser. They became denser so that they were not able to receive from one another telepathically because of their own stuff that lies in between.


You live in an age where you are clearing out the densities, where you are becoming lighter beings. These terms light beings or lighter beings or different frequencies or vibrations. These terms have truth in them.


You are actually creating a space between yourselves, or a resonance between yourselves that creates a new tune or new vibration. This vibration sends out, as you become lighter and you attract lighter situations and lighter beings towards yourself. It actually works in much the same way as negative attraction works.


However, we will focus tonight on the aspect of positive attraction or the harmonic within you that draws to you those situations and circumstances, those relating to relationships that would bring you joy and pleasure. You will begin to find as you write the word in this joyous lilting way, this way of poetry or song, you will feel a lightness in your being and then begin to share with other people in that place. It will perhaps answer the questions that become difficult in your communications with others.


We wish to speak first this evening about communication because you are moving into a time when communication is most important. There is truly a deep rewiring of many human beings on certain levels.


There are three ways currently that you can be rewired, and these are not all the ways but for your information we will pass these on. The idea of being rewired is actually that your cellular structure does move around and change, once it changes it creates a new identity or frequency pattern that it sends out therefore how you respond to situations would actually be different.


So for a while you work towards being able to be different or accepting a certain thing, but then one day that work or that discipline or those practices that you have brought forth or used in your life to help you, actually do hit the point where the frequency changes and then the rewiring process comes in.


There are several things that are moving out in this wiring process. On the physical plane many bodies will experience pain, deep sharp pains within the body. For example, one being recently underwent such deep sharp pains in the bowel area including sections in the area behind the pelvis that the doctors were ready to operate and take out part of the intestines. Severe pain was caused energetically. A part of her being was clearing out the very pain and trauma that was causing her body by certain events of an incestuous nature that took place earlier in her life. By being ready to clear it, the fastest way possible for her to do it was the physical. Sometimes your body acts as a gift for you to work things out rapidly when the energies change.


The frequencies that are becoming into your planet or coming towards your planet, these frequencies that we speak about are the ones that you know that are proton belt, light shifts, as we new frequency vibrations. Ascension energy, ascension waves, these types of terms would be appropriate to use as the energy does appear as floods of waves.


The universe is sending out pulses from the highest center of the universe and waves of light are permeating planets that have been living in darkness and light, as your planet does. It has its shadows and it has its light. It has its day and it has its night.


So your bodies tend to experience energy. One thing that is amazingly supportive is finding ways to support your body on the physical level by your eating habits. Your habits of what your putting into it, who your hanging out with, etc. Then let energy through it even when it is stiff or painful. It is extremely helpful to bring in the energy to help move out at a rapider pace the physical discomfort or disease that is held within the body.


Second way of rewiring that is going on is, a number of you in this space need emotional rewiring. Where all the roots of emotional patterns will be coming up, some of you may notice the patterns that you haven't expressed in a long time are rising to the surface again, it may cause fear in the mind in thinking, 'oh my goodness this is where I used to be ten years ago, eight years ago, why am I back there?'


If you can breathe through it you will find that you are not back there but you are experiencing something simultaneously, something that is now ready to leave on the deeper level, on the more visceral level. You will recognize that it is not as deeply imbedded in you as it had been before, yet you can still feel whence you came from and what you were.


These feelings help you develop compassion for others, as you feel back into places where you felt abandoned or alone. You can understand these universal fears that begin to run through children and particularly the weaker links, the more open individuals, the more individuals that are more kinesthetic, the individuals that are more vulnerable to just the feeling world.


By totally opening and feeling through the astral body or the second and third chakra without the balance in the other chakras it can be a mighty scary place to be. That is why it helps to bring discipline into your life.


We give you these spiritual disciplines, thoughts or ideas of how to be on the planet, to bring increasing love and light into your life, to simply help you develop the capacity for holding the energy not only in the physical body but also the emotional body.


So there is much emotional rewiring, and as this rewiring goes off and on often the physical body and the emotional body will be wired together. So often times when you are breathing out some of these emotional patterns of the past you will feel pains in the heart, in the solar plexus, in the belly.


To address the question of the young people of the planet starting in the early 70's, actually there are times before which we will mention shortly where there is a huge rise of soul that began to reincarnate. Those souls are coming of age now, those souls are reaching puberty and teen years and going into their twenties.


As they come of age and the hormonal shifts take place in the body it activates some cellular membrane. A large number of beings from the massacres in Tibet and the death of many lamas and beings that were involved in holocaust energies are returning.


So many of the young people that are on your planet at this time are not only dealing with issues on the planet but they are dealing with very deep soul memories of traumatic happenings, particularly young people that are evolving and reincarnating into the west. They came in a lump sum to be able to use their openness and the freedom in the west to change the governments or to bring new energies forth.


As these being start to come of age or wake up many of them do not have the support they need around them in the systems or social structures. There is not much support left in your western religious systems anymore because so many people of this particular generation, so many of their parents had given up on those structures, you see?


So they have given up on them and many of them have not adopted ways to give their children some kind of stability when their energy starts to rattle. So there is a depth of depression that is felt in many of these young people in the west at this time as they are remembering holocaust situations, different deaths, the destruction of beautiful things, so there has been a reseeding of certain souls, many are Tibetan lamas, hence the four of those who escaped from Tibet, or tried to escape from or didn't escape from were murdered or killed during that time.


Also there are souls coming in from Africa, from the middle east, souls returning from different holocaustic situations. Many of them having experienced these situations in the past 100 years or so on the planet.


So there is a large number of souls coming back to reseed. Hence the Tibetan movement and why there is such a interest in Tibet in your particular country, and why there are organizations that seek to preserve Tibet, and why his holiness comes to this part of the world to activate and awaken those souls that would begin to influence the world in being more compassionate and loving towards all living things,


not just one particular place, you see?


The particular school that was mentioned has drawn a lot of these seeking souls or what you term star beings towards it. There seems a greater concentration of energy there as they seek to awaken.


The best that can be done at this time is a recognition that our society is not equipped to handle some of the problems that are coming, and however you express in your life, whether you be an office worker or waiter or musician, you may begin to perhaps bring energy in your own specific way, understanding the energies, to these situations. Perhaps even sending light or love to any lost children that might be available.


Now then, we will switch to your own personal lives at this time. Much of the rewiring are the threads that are leaving. Each and every one of you have several threads that are leaving the system, threads that bind you together and connect you to others in the world that are moving on to this new level of compassion and understanding.


Some of you are being thoroughly rewired as we have mentioned and some of you are doing a lighter wiring job or pulling out certain threads. The thread has to do with the lost, lone child, the thread that is clearing out of this psychic subconscious is the child who is so lost that it has to destroy itself.


Each one of you has carried a different aspect of the lost or abandoned child, some of you have carried the child that is confused and doesn't know how to do it. Some of you have carried the child who is angry at his situation, angry at being hurt. Some of you have simply carried the child that feels lost and alone and confused, 'I would be willing to do it but don't know how.'


Are any of these terms familiar to you? We ask you at this time to see yourself surrounded in a mist of violet light, this is a pale violet, perhaps more to a lavender tone. You may utilize the energies of Quan Yin. We would prefer that you visualize us standing on a lotus.


If you are not comfortable with our energies you may visualize the divine mother. However she appears to you, in the sense of Isis or Mary, in the sense of the good fairy, in the sense of the nurturing earth mother, however the guise would appear to you in the angelic form, virgin Mary, simple, just bring her into your consciousness.


Now see yourself seated in a beautiful garden, with this entity, and pull up to yourself the lost child, or the aspect of the lost child. Is it the angry child, the lonely child, or the ugly child, or the hungry child, the needy child, the confused child, combination of all?


Whatever you see we will allow some silent time for it to come to your consciousness. Then imagine that by meaning love towards that child, it will begin to walk towards you and towards the divine nurturing mother, and that as it passes you it puts a kiss on each forehead, and hold it.


You smile at it and you know it can take care of itself, you see it walking towards the mother, if you wish to help the children of your planet, help the child within you. Find some time on a daily basis to check in with that child, and give it over to the divine mother presence for nurturing.


The children on your planet are without minerals or without nurturing, or without the energy that they need to make them feel loved and cherished. Love and cherish the child within yourself and you will be able to pass this on always.


We are Quan Yin, we are present, we wish to remain with you this evening We enjoy being here, we breathe light, and we ask you to breathe light into your body.


We breathe light and we send flowers. We send flowers in their matrix or their image. We send them in the blue level, we send them to surround you and touch you, and move in and out of yourselves.


Allow yourself to see the millions of cells made up of flowers. Find ways to use scent or energy of flowers to support you. Smell the daffodils. Use a flower essence. Find ways to connect with the flowers for they will bring you peace. We do promise this.


We are Quan Yin, we remain with you, we change now, there is this entity that wishes to speak, for there is that soul in this room that wishes to hear from him, we are Quan Yin, we are one with the light.


St. Francis -

Brothers and sisters of the light, raise your hands for blessing. Receive the blessing of yourself. Recognize you are that self within, and recognize that the light shines down upon you. We are Francis. We come to speak to our brother this evening.


We are Francis, we have been known as St. Francis. With that incarnation we achieve mastery on a certain level. We achieve mastery as we pass through the body into the next form. We achieve mastery through a lifetime of struggle and compassion. We learn to express our nature compassionately to others and eventually to our self.


We wish to speak to, from this new place in our soul, our reading and our struggle in our lifetime are known by many, from many studied the words of Francis, and the life of Francis. We did struggle with issues of the flesh, and we did struggle with issues of the material world. We put that aside.


We put them aside and we gave up all material belongings. We put the material world aside and went to the spirit world. We live the spirit world in the material world.


At the passage of our spirit from the physical body that was known as Francis we learned to accept ourselves fully. We learned that we did not have to be afraid of the material world. The reason we come to speak is to tell you do not be afraid of your body and the things that it craves. Do not enter into the struggle of that body.


It is the entering into the struggle that you can do yourself damage. We suggest that you begin to expend grace and compassion towards yourself. We suggest that you begin to look at the places where you have failed yourself, or failed the picture of yourself that you have wished yourself to be, or that others have wished yourself to be. We suggest that you simply find a way to be humble with yourself the way you are.


There is not one soul on this planet, no matter how great or small, that has not experienced regret. Even the beings that you know as he high entity such as myself or St. Germaine or living masters such as the Dali Lama or other beings that walk the planet have dealt with regret.


All souls, the ones like Jesus, all souls have dealt with regret. Regret has placed a great burden on many of the souls. Each soul that is here tonight has regrets in the steps in this particular lifetime as well as carryovers to the past. We are all familiar with regret. We have to come tonight to speak to you and to let you know, to speak to you today that your regret for some of your past deeds, or undeeds, have been weighting heavily around your throat and your neck, and have been cutting off your will to experience more joy and more light and more love in your life.


We are Francis, we have come to speak. Tend your garden, fertilize the soil, smell the flowers, those are the words that we wish to share. The male entity on the planet is going through a huge energy shift right now, as some of you here are in the male gender body and some of you are not. We do not need to create separation or differentiate for you all to feel the energy clearing through your bodies.


But I say unto you that you will see amongst the male the burden of regret. Some males will stress this and will bring violence, and there will be more violence coming up on the planet in the next months. Other males will express the regret in depression or sadness, and perhaps use substance to move from it. Others will struggle with their depression and try not to move out of it.


So we say unto you that in your lives you will all experience in some way the depression of the male. You will understand it after having been a part of a males life from your past perhaps, or even a male from your current life. We ask you to be patient with that depression in the sense that you can simply send them love and compassion. You don't have to operate under the burden of their depression. You do not keep this or express this at all, we simply wanted to let you know that this will seemingly be a trend particularly in the next four to six months.


More issues about this in the public broadcasting and news radio etc., but as you see these characters portrayed you will already know in your hearts that the energy is being moved. We are Francis, we are expressing love and light, we wish you to enjoy the simple things in life like the garden, plants, trees, breathe now.


St. Germain -

We are St. Germaine. We will address you at this time. The archetypes on this planet are changing. The archetypes of the mother are passing. The mothers have had to be the anger for the survival of the children. The archetypes of the male who haven't had to be the provider and apparently lacked the vision, eventually took control, which is what you are seeing in the death of the patriarchy at this time.


As the patriarchal forces continue to rise and shift on this planet, there is confusion that comes through all beings on this planet, but particularly those in the male gender body, and there will seemingly be more of confusion arising within people at this time.


Many males that are working in what you would call the labor forces of the country, particularly in the west where they have been thrusted into these roles, many will be starting to drop out of the roles that they had held, and there will be shifting within what we might consider the more masculine end of society. When we say masculine end we mean those males that perhaps had represented sports or patriarchal systems or institutions or the black bastions of that patriarchal world.


So there is a great thrusting or flexing going on in the male entity at this time, and that will begin to cause greater fluctuations in relationships and the family situations and the way things have been set up on the planet.


In some ways you will see a backlash or rebellion that will begin to come up in some of the males. Some of the male beings on the planet will express this type of rebellion and/or repression or depression, so be aware of these trends.


Those of you who are in healing work in the world, you will be able to take this knowledge into the world and help those that begin to come terms with their male gender body. In accepting themselves where they are, and recognizing that they are casting off the role of the provider, or they are casting off the role of controller in many cases, depending how the male is. Or, they are casting off certain levels of fear. So there are lots of fluctuations there.


There is room for great love. There is room for great understanding. You will start to see wealth and understanding coming out of unusual sources, like congressional meetings, the government. Patriarchal male movie stars or sports figures will be connecting or speaking out more or bringing forth more energy.


There will be great strides made towards more peaceful living. You will begin to see this at the end of 2001, the beginning of 2002, so its a bit away. But what has been said earlier by our brother Francis that those who have ears and eyes open will begin to see the trends more rapidly.


If you are in the business world yourself, recognize that many of the things that are happening in the business world are happening to create openings, to create doorways for new energy coming in. Some of you are so connected to this there will be soul openings not only for yourself but you will also be bringing energy through and giving it out to other human beings. So in a sense you are pioneers in this way in bringing new energy into the world. Understand that there is great opportunity for new ways of being received.