Stewart/stuart lineage from Scotland to America

HOUSE OF STEWART - The lineage for our Terrell family is the same as that of the MacGregor and McGeeHee lineage as both lines descend from Robert de Bruce


To say that Clan Stewart is rather extensive is, to say the least, an understatement. Even if the family had not come to succeed to the oldest throne in Christendom, it would still have played an immense role upon forging the fabric of Scottish society over some 700 years of history.


When Walter became the first Lord High Steward of Scotland , during the days of King David I, it literally meant that Walter became in charge of the exchequer of the Kingdom. This is reflected in the Stewarts original coat of arms. Money was, in mediaeval days, counted on a check board…


Six generations later, Walter, High Steward of Scotland, married Marjory Bruce, daughter of King Robert the Bruce. (below)













Their son Robert II succeeded as the first Stewart sovereign to reign over the Kingdom of the Scots. For the next seven generations, the Scottish crown passed from Stewart father to Stewart son without a break in the family. On the birth of Scotland's eighth Stewart monarch, Mary, Queen of Scots, the crown could have passed into another family were it not for the fact she married s Stewart cousin of hers, Henry, Lord Darnley, the son of the Stewart Earl of Lennox. Their son, James VI, succeeded Elizabeth I of England as James I.


Until the advent of the rightful Stewarts being sent into exile in 1688, Scotland and England shared separate Parliaments. With the succession of Queen Anne in 1702, the Treaty of Union of 1707 united the two kingdoms into the Kingdom of Great Britain . The Scots were outraged at the loss of their national liberties and this resulted in the birth of the Jacobite faction supporting the return to Scotland of the rightful exiled Stewarts. The failures of the Scottish risings of 1715 and 1745 made English oppression all the heavier afterwards.


The Stewarts settled everywhere in Scotland and owned vast areas of the country.


We can divide the clan into two sections. Those lines descended lawfully and naturally from the Stewart Kings of Scots and those descended from the family prior to ascending to the Crown of Scotland.


Then we must remember the daughters who married into Scotland 's aristocracy. Their descendants have as much a claim to kinship as those direct male descendants, even though they might bear different surnames.


Interestingly, Scotland is a country where royalty did not mind marrying their daughters into the aristocracy, where the aristocracy did not mind marrying their daughters into the gentry and where the gentry did not mind marrying their daughters to the Burgesses running our various cities. Then, their own off-springs married into the everyday class and this brings us to the fact that over 90% of the Scottish Nation and people, together with the other 42 million people over the world who can claim a Scottish link, are probably of Royal blood and would be descended from King Robert the Bruce. Robert II, for example, had some 23 children and is the likely link to most Scots royal ancestry.


The idea of setting up this genealogical Stewart database is to help you connect to your ancestors. It will, of course, require each and one of you interested to link with the clan to do some research into your own ancestry. In order to do this, collect as much information from those old generations still with you (names, dates, events, funny stories, it is amazing what elderly people will remember if you show the proper interest) and collate it all on paper (imagine a time line!). Wherever your folks settled in the world, there will be archives. Write, peruse them if possible, take (please use the down arrow at left to finish) note, ask for photocopies and build your archival file. Do a little family tree (going backwards from yourself) to as far back as you can. If you connect, let me know, send copies of those pertinent entries that link you to the clan. These will be entered into a further database here in Scotland that will be available to you and yours in time to come.


I hope you will find it interesting and I'd like to think that this project will be forever ongoing, from one generation unto the other.




In June 1992, HRH Prince Michael James Alexander Stewart, 7th Count of Albany (Scotland), was elected President of the European Council of Princes - a constitutional advisory body within the European Union. In this regard, he succeeded the Imperial and Royal House of Habsburg Austria, who had retained the office from 1946. The new appointment held significant political implications for Scotland because, in unanimously electing Michael of Albany, some 32 sovereign houses openly proclaimed the continuing de jure Scots monarchy to an international audience - a royal dynasty which, according to British academia, had long been extinct.


The Council's recognition of a royal Stewart (Stuart) was a startling revelation to many people in Britain, America and The Commonwealth, who had heard little about the exiled Stuarts since the days of Bonnie Prince Charlie. However, in a direct line from King Robert II (founder of the Scots Royal House of Stewart in 1371), Prince Michael is the direct legitimate descendant from Charles Edward Stuart, and is the prior legal claimant in the Scottish succession, as confirmed by document under International Law.


For nearly 200 years it was portrayed in Britain that the Scots royal line ended while in 18th-century exile. But this disinformation was a product of Georgian and Victorian propaganda - a deceit which was long sustained by consecutive Westminster Governments. Dutiful historians perpetuated the myth that Charles Edward Stuart and his brother, Henry Benedict, were the last of the succession, claiming that the Scottish heritage was passed to the Royal House of Sardinia in 1807. But the legitimate Stuart line did not become extinct, and the dynastic legacy was legally inherited by no other house. It was transferred only in the minds of fearful Westminster politicians who schemed and plotted to safeguard Britain's alternative Germanic regime: the House of Hanover.


One might ask why there was any need to create a diverted succession - for when other royal lines have truly expired, they have been allowed to disappear quite naturally. No one politically contrived to preserve their successions in other family descents unless there were relevant female-line marriages. But there was no such marriage in the Stuart succession; the Georgian Parliament quite simply undertook to manufacture a situation by misappropriating Wills and Testaments to their own strategic advantage. Why would they do that? Because, after nearly a century of Hanoverian rule in Britain, the exiled Stuarts still posed an enormous threat in terms of their continued popularity at a social level, and this was most embarrassing to King George III and his ministers.


Not surprisingly, the Scots had been most displeased at the loss of their traditional royal dynasty in 1688, and from that time a series of related revolts took place: the Jacobite Risings. Perhaps the best known of these remains the unsuccessful campaign of 1745, led by the deposed King James VII's grandson, Charles Edward Stuart, fondly remembered as Bonnie Prince Charlie. The exiled Charles Edward died in 1788, by which time the Stuarts were widely supported not only in Scotland, but in England, Wales and Ireland. Stuart support was also widespread abroad, particularly in America, where Scots Jacobites had been at the forefront of the War of Independence against Britain. It was, therefore, thought expedient by the Georgian ministers to pretend that the descendent Stuart line had terminated at Charles's death. His royal inheritance was said to have passed to his brother Henry, a childless cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, and then when Henry died in 1807 the direct family succession was declared extinct by the Westminster Parliament.


The fact was, however, that not only was Charles Edward legally married at his death to Marguerite d’Audibert, Comtesse de Masillan, he also had a legitimate son by their marriage — a son who succeeded him as the 2nd Count of Albany. In their wills, both Charles Edward and his brother Henry had specifically nominated this son, Edward James, Count Stuarton, but the British Government chose to disregard the nominations. Instead, they submitted that the Stuart heritage had passed to ex-King Victor Emmanuel of Sardinia, who had abdicated to become a monk. In fact, he actually wrote to Westminster denouncing the strategy because he knew the Stuart heir to be alive and well.


In reality, had the Stuart line truly become extinct there would have been absolutely no need for any governmental strategy to create a diverted succession; the line would simply have concluded with Charles Edward and that would have been the end of it. As it was, the diversionary tactic was deemed necessary to manoeuvre Prince Edward James out of the picture as far as the British people were concerned.


From that time, there were a number of Jacobite attempts to reintroduce Stuart awareness in Britain, but one way or another those attempts were confounded by Hanoverian agents. In Europe, however, the story has been rather different, and having succeeded as the 7th Count of Albany, Prince Michael Stewart elected to return to Scotland in 1976. In the footsteps of his illustrious ancestor, Bonnie Prince Charlie, he returned specifically to champion the Scottish Nation in its continued struggle for justice and a rightly deserved recognition on the world stage. Now, after more than two decades he is still in Scotland and has met with no substantial opposition from the Westminster Government or the reigning Royal House. In fact, quite the contrary; in August 2002 Prince Michael of Albany was awarded the United Nations medal for his "dedicated commitment to humanitarian causes".


Prince Michael's Top-10 bestselling book, The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland, provides a distinctly fresh insight into Scottish affairs, being a blow-by-blow account of family record and experienced fact, rather than the politically contrived fiction which has become so familiar. Drawing from family papers and archival records, Prince Michael gives a compelling account of political corruption, assassination and political conspiracy. In the pages of The Forgotten Monarchy, the heroes and victims of Scottish history live again - Macbeth, Robert the Bruce, Mary, Queen of Scots, and Bonnie Prince Charlie. Here are the facts about the Stone of Destiny, the Knights Templars, the Jacobite Risings and the American War of Independence. Prince Michael also includes his personal overview of the contemporary Scottish social, economic and political scene. As Scottish nationhood re-emerges with its first devolved Parliament for 300 years, the telling of this truly epic history has never been more relevant.



by HRH Prince Michael of Albany

Published in Britain by Chrysalis / Vega Books, February 2002

Softback edition, ISBN 1843332752


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Note: From 1371 the Scots Royal House was surnamed Stewart (from Steward). From the 16th century, the French spelling of Stuart was adopted when Mary, Queen of Scots was Queen of France (there being no "w" then in the French alphabet). Later, in 1892, the exiled House of Stuart in Europe reverted to the original Scots spelling of Stewart.






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Descendants of Majory Stewart


1   Majory Stewart 1344 - 1417

     +Eoin Mor  MacDonald

2   Donald MacDonald +Margaret Leslie

3   Alexander MacDonald 1380 -

    +Elizabeth de Seton 1380 -

4   Hugh MacDonald 1410 - 1498

    +Mary 1410 -

5   Donald Galloch MacDonald 1440 - 1506

    +daughter of MacDonald's of Ireland

6  Donald Grammach MacDonald 1470 - 1534


7   Donald Gorum MacDonald 1500 - 1537

     +Margaret McLeod

8   Archibald MacDonald 1550 -

     +Margaret MacDonald

9   Donald MacDonald 1570 - 1644

   +Janet McKenzie 1570 -

10  James McDonald 1643 - 1678

11   Marian McDonald 1620 -

     + Patrick MacGregor 1620 -

12   Thomas MacGehee 1660 - 1724

        Ann Bastrop 1650 - 1724

13   William McGehee 1689 -

       Mary Carr

14    John March Mcgehee, Sr. 1725 - 1801

         Ann Graves

15    John McGehee 1748/49 - 1825

        Mary Steward 1756 -

16.  Garrett Connor McGehee - 1830

        Nancy Harris 1780 - 1841

17    Alexander Stewart McGehee1826 - 1893

        Mary Jane Thompson

18   Frances Pierce McGeHee 1852 - 1929             Charles Thomas Terrell 1852 - 1923

19   Early Thomas Terrell 1882 - 1967

       Ophelia Louise Harris 1884 - 1968

20    James Emmett Terrell 1911 - 1967

       Nannie Belle Clendenin 1910 - 1972

21   Nancy Terrell 1940 -

       M.F. "Bud" Longnecker (Dr.) 1936 -

22.   Michael Emmett Longnecker 1964 -

        Tina Wendy Hilty 1961 -

23    Taylor Hilty Longnecker 1989 -

22.   Gregory Stuart Longnecker 1966 -

23.    Lauren Longnecker 1988 -

23    Christian Terrell Longnecker 1997 -

23.   Hannah Marie Longnecker 1998 -

23.   Luke Longnecker

21   James Emmett Terrell, Jr. 1944 -

19    Earley Thomas Terrell, Jr. 1907 - 1955

        Eugenia Jackson Beazley

21    Betty Jeanne Terrell 1931 -

        Beverly Monroe Wilkerson

22     Kenneth Earley Wilkerson 1952 -

       C. J. Dowling

22    Megan Lynn Wilkerson

22.   Beverly Anne Wilkerson 1954 -

23.   Sheryl Mae Wilkerson 1958 -

        Gary W. McNeeley

23    Thomas Randolph McNeele  1959 -

24    Thomas Randolph Wilkerson 1959 -

................... 20   [33] Anne Jackson Terrell 1934 -

......................... +[34] Richard Everett Kirkpatrick 1931 -

.................... 21   [35] David Lee Kirkpatrick 1954 -

.......................... +[36] Penny Monroe

..................... 22   [37] David Lee Kirkpatrick II

.................... 21   [38] Gayle Renee Kirkpatrick 1956 -

.................... 21   [39] Michael Earley Kirkpatrick 1958 -

.................... 21   [40] Douglas Bryan Kirkpatrick 1959 -

................... 20   [41] Mary Lou Terrell Terrell 1939 -

......................... +[42] Bobby Turner 1940 -

.................... 21   [43] Terrell Anne Turner 1960 -

.................... 21   [44] Faith Lynn Turner 1963 -

.................. 19   [45] Frances NelsonTerrell 1915 - 1972

........................ +[46] Henry Drewry Kerr 1914 -

................... 20   [47] Henry Drewry Kerr III 1941 -

......................... +[48] Cheryle Strong 1944 -

.................... 21   [49] Michelle Lynne Kerr 1968 -

.................... 21   [50] Stephen Phillip Kerr 1972 -

................... 20   [51] Martha Robbins Kerr 1947 -

......................... +[52] Clifford Allen Randolph

.................. 19   [53] Martha Louise Terrell 1920 -

........................ +[54] Nathan Lenoir Riddle 1923 -

................... 20   [55] Michael Lenoir Riddle 1954 -

......................... +[56] Andrea Jean Berry 1952 -

.................... 21   [57] Mark Andrew Riddle 1977 -

.................... 21   [58] Brian Christopher Riddle 1978 -

................... 20   [59] Alan Terrell Riddle 1957 -

......................... +[60] Denise Elaine Edgeman

.................... 21   [61] James Tobias Wheeler 1978 -

.................... 21   [62] Terrell Edgeman Riddle 1984 -

................... +62 Stacy

…………….. 22             [63] Terrell Jordan Riddle             2005

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