Children's Art

During the years that I was Miss Nancy on Romper Room I also became interested in art for children.  Mike and Greg were small at the time.  I painted all of the art for their bedrooms.  Mike loved Holly Hippo (below right) and Greg loved Sally Sunshine (left).  Both were painted on plywood that had been stained walnut.  The designs were then painted in Gesso before being painted in bright arcylics.

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I have always loved Aboriginal Art.  When Michael was a student at The University of Sydney, his junior year in college in 1985, Greg and I travelled to Australia to visit him.  We rented a minivan and spent several weeks driving along the eastern shore. They surfed while I collected art made and designed by the Aboriginals.  The turtle (above left) I drew for Michael at Christmas in '02 and was inspired by the memories of this trip.  Likewise, the design at the bottom left was also inspired by Aboriginal Art.


The bottom right picture is a tissue paper collage of San Francisco that I created for a friend.   I stained the board first then that was  followed by Gesso and coloured tissue paper collage.  This was done in the late 60's and is still hanging my friend's home.



We also rented a RV in New Zealand.  While they surfed I collected wonderful yarns for my weavings and made many Maori friends.  They always knew the best surf breaks and taught me about their culture while the boys were out on the waves.  I love New Zealand.


The sun picture, at the bottom, was made with cut-outs and sequins for my granddaughter, Hannah.  All of the dots are large gold bangles and it sparkles on her wall.  I might add that in reality it is much nicer than this terrible copy of it -  To the right is a whimsical painting of flowers - done in the 1970s and again on plywood.