Caribbean Travels

When I was married to Bud I learned to travel alone as he could never leave his orthopedic practice.  Consequentaly, I really have travelling independently down to an art form.   Although Dave offers to accompany me, I really prefer to discover an island alone.  I take my paints and journal and board the local buses for my destinations - usually waterfalls, Botanical Gardens or other natural sites.  Once there, I set up for the day and totally enjoy myself.  The top two pictures here were made at Annadale Falls, Grenada.

4518161457.jpg 4518161461.jpg 4518161470.jpg 4518161476.jpg

Isle de Saintes, in Guadaloupe French West Indies, is one of my most favorite places and I have visited there many times.  It is small and quaint as the street scene on the right shows.  I painted this sitting at a covered bus stop.

 The tents above and the large tree below were painted on St. Lucia at Discovery Marigot Bay.  We actually stopped there for a week and totally enjoyed ourselves as they let us use all of the hotel facilities.  It is a gorgeous spot so if you ever have the opportunity to visit - please do.

4518161478.jpg 4518161479.jpg 4518161480.jpg

Below is my interpretation of a hollow tree that was situated next to the falls in Grenada.  The rocks there were quite lovely and the water pure and aqua.  It was wonderful visiting Grenada again and seeing that they had made such progress after the devestation caused

by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.  It is a beautiful country with an abundance of flora and vegetables - I love it.

4518161574.jpg 4518161608.jpg

The art on these pages demonstrate the fun you can have with painting.  I certainly do not have much talent but I do have a great deal of enthusiasm and imagination - therefore, I totally enjoy myself when painting.  It's loads of FUN !!


Above is my rendition of Mochima National Park in Venezuela.  It is primal with nothing man-made and to me represents how the planet earth was when it was first formed.  For this reason one of the symbols I used was the figure 8 on the left hill, which represents eternity in all of its immortality.  The downward pointing triangles, with two angles at the top and one below always represents the female.  They appear out of the moon, Luna, which is also female as are the three stars.  Mochima is a very feminine place - all rounded and soft with spectacular sunsets and gorgeous nights filled with ebony skies and bright stars.  It is my most favorite place on the planet and Dave takes me there every chance he gets.  This is where I want my ashes scattered when I die.



The picture on the right is of Jalousie Plantation, in the Pitons, St. Lucia - two wonderful peaks that are one of the most interesting sites in all of the Caribbean.  The taller one is shown here as male so I used a lot of red, Arrows and upward pointing triangles - all symbols of masculinity.  Also the sun is male so I have placed it on the male side, which of course is the left, rational side.


The smaller Piton is more rounded and is female represented by nightime and stars.  You will see hearts and downward pointing triangles representing the female.  Also the use of threes in three trees and three straw unbrellas with beach chairs represents the three in time - past, present, future and well as the Triple Goddess - maiden, mother and crone.  All of my paintings are filled with symbolism.