Caracas - Venezuela's capital city

What a delightful group - everyone got along and it is amazing what great friends one can make in just four days.  Left to right - Ed & Linda, Gary, Jaimie (our fearless leader) Teri, Uta and Gunther.  Thanks guys for a splendid trip.  I loved it.

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Our first stop was down the highway to a lovely shrine - Cristo de Jose - erected by a pilot whose plane crashed there and he lived!

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The entrance to the city from the south is magnificent with Monument Boulavard showing the great respect Venezuelans have for their national heros of the revolution in 1812


making chalapas along the roadside and one of the barrios of Caracas above.

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Our hotel was quite nice and was located across from a 6 storied mall.  The metro was close by and was the cleanest I have ever seen.


The Capital - all new and shining

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The capital and government buildings were gorgeous and something that the Venezuelan people can truly be proud of.  All of this has been restored by President Chavez, whom his people seem to love.  According to Jaimie, these buildings were in terrible shape when Chavez came to power.  He has now made Caracas a city of beauty - a fine tribute to a country that has welcomed us and made us feel at home.

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Simon Bolivar, the liberator of Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Panama, is the people's hero, just as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are American heros.  They honour Bolivar throughout their lands, which is most fitting.  On the far left is Bolivar's birthplace.  The son of a wealthy family, Bolivar led the revolution for freedom from Spain.  His familiy's courtyard and his home when liberator.  It should be noted here that Bolivar died a pauper.  He had given ALL of his money for the revolution and to the peoples that he freed from tyranny.

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The Caracas Cathedral is quite beautiful and is across from Bolivar Square (lower left)  They were having a service when we visited so I could not take as many pictures as I would have liked.  The two tombs on the left belong to Simon Bolivar's parents who are actually buried there.  Simon is in the middle, although he is actually buried elsewhere.  The black marble body worshiping at their feet represents the native people of Venezuela.  It was very moving.