BVI Friends & Parties

A wonderful Sunday Brunch at Heritage Inn &

Bananakeet Cafe was wonderful.  So many old friends came.  And considering the lousy weather, that was quit a treat.


So this page is filled with love and appreciation for all of the friends I did happen to see.  Dave & I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Od Friends, Good Friends.jpgsmall Bobbie getting ready Karen & Caroline.jpgsmall Mike,Nels,Paul one table.jpgsmall Nancy,Sam,Emily.jpgsmall Di, Susan,Nanc,Linda Annie & Nigel.jpgsmall great sailing friends.jpgsmall Dave & Nancy on Imagine.small Nancy Swimming.small Dawn & Karen.jpgsmall

Mike, Paul, Di, Nancy, Judy, Dave - old friends from West End, Tortola.  All sailors.

Good Aussie friend, Bobbie - decorating

Annie and Nigel - always the perfect hosts

Nancy, Sam and Emily

Harry, Annie, Nancy, Dave & Marty with Nigel in front

Two lovely ladies - Karen and Caroline (with Chris in the background)  Thank you to the Heritage Staff x0x0x0x

Karen, Dawn & Nancy

Di, Susan, Nancy & Linda


Mike, Nels and Paul

Two Susans.jpgsmall

The two Susans - great gals