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As much as we enjoyed our two water homes - our sailing sloop, ANTARES - a 37' CSY, and our 65' trawler, SWAN SONG, we have equally loved our two homes on land in the BVI. Our first home was on the small island of Frenchman's Cay - above left. We lived there from 1991 thu 1994. We had Antares moored in front and sailed her on weekends. Dave was the General Manager of Frenchman's Cay Boat Yard - just beyond our home, and the Jolly Roger Restaurant, the home of our yacht club, was just across the bay. We had four wonderful years in West End where Frenchman's Cay is located.

We lived on ANTARES from 1994 until 1997. We loved living on her and sailing throughout the islands. In 1997 we moved into a condo unit in Sea Cows Bay - right on the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Large Manatees used to live there hence the name. Here we were also lucky enough to live on the water. All of our meals were eaten on our deck overlooking the channel - pictured directly on the left. The indoor pictures below are all of that condo.

We had a wonderful tree in the front yard that I called the "Hugging Tree". (above) Each time I came in from the car I would give her a big hug. WOW! did she ever grow. My office was on the second floor and overlooked this lovely tree. It was such a pleasure to write while enjoying the vista of tree tops from my office window. At that time I was writing for many magazines and newspapers.

The picture on the upper left is our front porch at Frenchman's Cay. Dave is taking the picture of Gary, a good friend from Maine, and me. The palms were lovely and we would awaken in the morning to the sound of swaying fronds. We would go to bed in the evening to the sounds of tree frogs and crickets, as everyone does in the Caribbean.

Our years in the BVI were wonderful and I shall never forget them. As it will always be our home, maybe someday we shall return after getting the cruising bug out of our system.



It is my last month in the Henderson House.
I have the stomach flu. There's quite a storm outside.
The power is off. David is off. Here I sit--
watching the waves and wind
fascinated by the enormous power unleashed
Mother Nature in her glory.

I don't really know how I feel about leaving
this lovely home on the water
with the five green dancing palms.
Three very good years have been spent here.
Years of love and maturation.
Nancy is growing up at last.

It was in this home that I got a divorce,
not only from Bud but from that part of my life.
I went through the sadness of losing, not only a son
but a grandson here. I also learned
what it is like to truly live with another person,
to actually be in a relationship

It was during the years in this home that I learned
needed lessons about sailing and living on the water.
David and I would go out on ANTARES on weekends,
sailing and playing, but having a land home to come back to.
Now I won't have that. ANTARES will be my home
Am I really ready for this?

Discovering myself during these past three years
I find that I am prepared for the unknown.
Being such a security freak, I have to console myself
that life can change at any minuet, by choice.
If I don't like living on a boat, I can move back into a house,
but it will never be just like this one.

For watching the evening sunsets has calmed me
and looking out on the sea as I sit at my computer
has let me know the value of nature and fresh air.
I have snorkeled the front reef, in front of the palms
at least three times a week for three years.
I will always miss that, for I always have wanted to do
just these things.

Am I growing to the age where change
isn't as desirable as it used to be?

    RAIN - May 8, 1995

Days and days of parchment.
Creases in a ground that is already dry
with only century and bougainvillea growing,
thriving on the scorched earth

Goats in West End are dying.
Cisterns all around are empty.
Waiting, waiting, farmers turn to the sky,
their road map to the future

Prayers are given in supplication.
Offerings for an open ceiling,
blessing those of us who thirst,
answers to all un-askable questions

Then it happens. May is upon us.
God, as if hearing, unzips the sky
letting the deluge fall where it may.
Heads bowed, we accept and give thanks.


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