My cousin, Biff (Henry Kerr, III), was my closest cousin when we were young as we used to spend weekends together at our grandparents home in Ashland.  The top left picture is of his mother, Frances - my daddy's sister, and Biff in about 1943.  The top right is with his sister, Robbin, who is several years younger than we are.  Beneath that are Francis, Drew (his father) and Den Den, our grandfather on the Terrell side.


Biff was really in the lucky gene pool when it came to family and career.  A graduate of MIT, he is a computer genius now living in Atlanta (Marietta) with his wonderful wife, Cheryl.  Talk about talent - she's loaded with it also.

Cheryl is a Master Gardner and is in charge of reconstructing one of the  most important parks in their area.  They have a great family (center) and Biff loves to sail, just like the rest of our family.


I found Biff, after many years, by obtaining his e-mail address through my Aunt Martha.  When I e-mailed him he asked what in the world I was doing in the Caribbean.  I wrote back about my life since I had last seen him.  He wanted to know if I was in a relationship.  Wonder of wonders - when he discovered it was Dave he couldn't believe it.  They worked  together at Adage Computers for the better part of a decade.  


This news brought forth a great reunion of all of the Adage computer people at one of their waterfront homes in East Boothbay Maine.  What a great time we had as seen below.  This just goes to show what a small world it really is - especially in the computer world.  Biff is the 3rd from the right.  Cheryl is the second on the left and is with me below.


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