Our Backyard

A pool was a real prerequisite

as I need to exercise my knee properly.  Dave and I both swim at least twice a day and totally enjoy life on the outside, a continuation of the way we have always lived.  Below is a picture of our gigantic Staghorn Fern.  It is enormous and has attached itself to a tree just outside of our back door.  We are becoming real fern affecinados.

backyard palms backyard4 - jewelry tree pool from the backyard outdoor dining by pool backyard griffins

We often eat outside by the pool, which is loads of fun.  Below is one of the many Griffins that the former owner put there to protect the house.  Along with Gargoyles, these creatures are found on all of the gothic cathedrals in Europe, added to keep out evil spirits.  I really like them so we kept them.  An interesting touch IMHO

elkhorn fern