A Matter of Perspective


By – Elizabeth Randolph


Donna was seated in an after-hours bar with her girlfriends – each eagerly awaiting the newest screening of the week’s late night ponography.  It was “Ladies Night” at the Blue Angel and during the weekly viewings of sexual videos, for the fairer sex only, the club had acquired quite a following.  Actually Donna, along with her friends, was getting rather bored with the “same-ole, same ole” of flicks, which featured jaded women paired with men performing sexual routines that seemed so devoid of true emotion that the girls were turned off rather than on.  They had viewed men making love to women who were actually men – a real turnoff; men having anal sex with other men – even more of a turnoff and then women making love to other women, which certainly was more erotic than any of the other categories.


Tonight’s showing promised to be a real party, as advertised by the club.  Senior Erotica was to be the special.  Of course, no one thought it would be interesting to view old people making love to other old people, but they all thought it would be hysterical to watch.  Although none of the gals would admit it, they secretly wondered if they would be making love when they were older and what it would be like.  Also, they wanted to see how their bodies would age – would someone even “want” to make love to them when they were older?


Jennifer and Dale, unknowing stars of tonight’s video, were both in their sixties.  Dale was as fit as anyone that age could be, just naturally, while Jennifer had managed to keep a glow that had once attracted men to her like flies.  The two were lovers in every sense of the word and had no idea that the hotel, where they met each week, was taking videos of them during these private encounters.  Had they known they would have been outraged at the intrusion into their privacy.   Big Al, owner of the Blue Angel, also owned the hotel;  he knew that Jennifer and Dale would never realize that they had been captured on video so he felt snug in this endeavor.


Donna and her friends had ordered their third round of drinks when the lights were dimmed and the club’s large viewing screen was lowered.  A projector suspended from the ceiling was focused on the screen as a video started the week’s porno selection.  Big Al viewed his personally filmed videos as high cinematography.  Routine selections were shown first but when the girls began to show their lack of interest Big Al decided that it was time to play his newest creation.  


Suddenly the music changed into that of an earlier era; Jennifer and Dale were seen entering a provocatively decorated hotel room – dimmed lights revealed deep red velvet walls hung with gorgeous lacquered black frames featuring Chinese calligraphy.  Mirrors were discretely placed above the bed and on the surrounding walls.  The bed was covered with deep soft pillows, putting out an invitation to relax.  A dark red Jacuzzi was also mirrored along the sides and ceiling with soft candlelight giving a sensual dream world non-reality.


The two lovers, who had not seen each other in a week, did not even attempt to keep their hands to themselves.  As they smiled intimately at the other, with full wrinkles in view, the hoots of the girls in the bar slowly changed into a kind of silence.  All laughter ceased as girls became women - their attention turning to view the fervent passion and love confronting them.


Mood music from the 1950’s and 60’s filled the surround stereo as Dale slowly undressed Jennifer, who was anything but thin.  However, dressed in a lacy black bra with matching old fashioned lace panties, she looked rather demure – almost ageless.  As the two began their mating game, unaware that they were being filmed, the club became totally silent.  Big Al grinned in satisfaction as he realized that he may have produced a small masterpiece.  He began to think of the potential ahead.


Dale gently laid Jennifer on the bed behind them.  Feminine viewers gasped as they noted the care that he took in undressing her, kissing her body all the while.  Jennifer was entering a state that could only be described as enthralled.  Returning Dale’s kisses her body arched under his caresses and begged to be taken.  Women grasped their friend’s hands as they watched together one of the most provocative love scenes that they could ever remember viewing.  This was not staged pornography – this was erotica, at it’s finest.  They didn’t even seem to notice the ages of Dale and Jennifer – what they did notice was their passion, their care for the other and their total absorption in pleasing and being pleased.  Big Al smiled as he realized what a hit he had produced.


Dale mounted Jennifer with a slow and deep penetration that rocked her almost as if she were a small child being cared for by an overly maternal parent.  His movements were graceful and timed, bringing her to an almost crazed state of excitement.  Legs encircled his body pulling him towards her when he unexpectedly bent down to kiss her, gently pulling out his erect penis.  Slowly, he began to kiss her body - starting at her neck, he kissed her shoulders before moving down to encircle her breasts.  


The women in the club gasped in the recognition that before them was a man who actually knew and understood the skill of orchestrating the art of lovemaking.  They breathed heavily, almost in unison, as he traveled down her body with his tongue.  They actually were able to feel what Jennifer was experiencing as he took her private area and gently kissed it from one side to another.  Big Al noticed that many of the women were beginning to squirm in excitement – they were actually being turned on by all of this.  The fact that Dale and Jennifer were in their 60s did not seem to register with anyone.


One of Big Al’s problems in filming this interlude was how to get a really good close-up of Jennifer’s face while in the throes of climaxing passion.  He had finally devised a camera that was hidden in several of the ceiling lights.  Admiring his achievement he let his hand wonder down to his groin as Jennifer’s face came into view.  Hidden among the wrinkles, common to a woman of her age, was a joy that was as blissful as that of a young girl on Christmas morning.  Her eyes shown with love; her gasps indicated that her body had united into Dale’s in one long meaningful groan of ecstasy.  Just as she reached her clitoral climax Dale gently entered her, making love to her repeatedly as she swooned in passion.  


The women in the Blue Angel gasped in a respected admiration for the uncensored love that filled the screen in front of them.  Some had tears in their eyes.  All wanted for a man to make love with them as Dale had done to Jennifer.  A hush extended over the room as the dimmed lights gradually became brighter.  No one said a word.  


But it was told to me, several days later by a noted plastic surgeon, that over a dozen women had made appointments to have wrinkles surgically added to their faces during the following months. Rather than being a turn-off, Jennifer and Dale had become role models for the potential of a long life, filled with dreams, lovers and yes, terrific sex.  





Copyright (c) 2007

by Elizabeth Randolph  

All rights reserved.


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