1995 +

1995 -

No matter how many good things happened this year, they were all over shadowed by the hurricane season.  We really had a time of it.  Marilyn and Luis came within eight days of each other.  I stepped on a nail after the last one and couldn't walk.  David, in true heroic style, stayed at West End for three days and helped Carter and Katie with their boats.  ANTARES was safe.  I moved into the BVI Yacht Sales Office and literally had a breakdown.  I was so upset that I left three days later for eight weeks in the states.  If something is not going right, and you can see that it definitely is not going to improve, take action - leave.  


I flew to Denver to see Glenda for six weeks and then to New York to see Lee.  Upon arriving at Glenda's, Hurricane Opal hits Navarre Beach and we lost the beach house.  What a bummer.  Bud decides to rag on me during this time.  I call Warner and really let him have it as I am the owner of the property and I discover that we (Bud & I) were not named on the insurance policy.  Did I ever hit the roof.  Eventually, we settled and as I was the owner I received the insurance money.  It was really traumatic though- losing the Navarre property where he had so many good, good years.




*David took me to Brandywine Restaurant for my 56 Birthday.

*Sailed to Marigot, Phillipsburg, St. Maarten, St. Ba ths, Nevis, Saba and  Anquilla with Britt, Scott and Gretchen on ALYRANDIA a 53’ Tayana.   Had a great time though nothing worked on the boat and Brit was drunk all of the time.  Wrote several articles for Nautical Scene on places  visited.

*David had a really wild 55th B’Day party on our private ANTARES dock.

Everyone came - all of the WEYC group --katie, Chris, Darralyn, Jay, Robin, Etc.

Jay tried to burn down the dock with Pussers Rum.



*David and I sailed the BVI for six weeks on ANTARES, gunkholing where ever we went.  Lots of funand lots of misery.  We fought a lot.  I got a lot

of cruising out of my system.  We had a huge fight when we got back into Nanny Cay.  He stayed at BVIYS for four days and nights, which was fine with me.


*BVI Spring Regatta.  David got an all male crew and did the regatta on HOT FLASH.  Since it has no motor, I was to push it out of the harbor on the dinghy.  On the morning of the third day I ran into an anchor that was out over the dock and was knocked unconscious.  I had to stay flat on my back (that was Saturday) until Tuesday when I flew to Mississippi for Greg’s wedding to Stacy and an MRI cat scan.  A very traumatic visit.

Stacy is pregnate and so is Helen.  Michael picked me up at the Pensacola Airport.  It was the first time I had seen him in four years.  He seemed sweet enough.  He is living with a woman named Karina who has

a three year old daughter named Rachael.  Just what he needs.  He can’t even take care of Taylor and basically doesn’t like kids anyway.  Dr. Buckley said that I had a major concussion and shouldn’t do anything.  Right.  The wedding was held in a hall instead of a church but Stacy is beautiful and I like her.  Bud’s mistress, Debbie, Stacy’s mother, had breast implants and saysheeyed up the isle with me in a daring gold top with huge tits.  We both lighted candles together and then I kissed her - such ceremony!


We moved ANTARES to D Dock as they are tearing down our private dock.  Boy do I hate that.  I started writing for All at Sea as well as Nautical Scene.  I had massive headaches all month from the concussion and couldn’t do anything physical.


I spent most of the month at the Nanny Cay swimming pool.  Paul Bonge was in the islands on SEA CLOUD.  David and I took the dinghy over to see him which was great.  I also spent a lot of time in the office.


David and I sailed ANTARES on weekends.  Bud and Debbie split up as she left him for Greg’s best friend, Mark.  They moved to Hawaii.  I guess Bud was devastated.  Hurricane Bertha hit on the 8th.  We holed up with Tina in the Nanny Cay condos.  I slept during the entire thing.  Hurricanes are so depressing.  Fortunately we had no damage but Nanny Cay was a mess and so is ANTARES.  We are living out of a storage bin.  David has become obsessive about hurricanes.  All he does is live think and watch weather. Really too much after Luis and Marilyn last year.


David and I sailed ANTARES for six days during Festival Week.  We had the fight of all fights and he ended up staying at the office for a week.  During that time I thought, “Fuck it” and moved into #9 Pieces of Eight.  Best thing I ever did.  Love the place.  Lots of water, space and friends.  I was really tired of spending my life at Peg Legs.




 August 22 Christian Terrell was born in Gulfport.

August 11, 96


On Aug 8, the morning after the terrible fight at Benure’s Bay, we motored back into Nanny Cay without speaking.  Dave went up to the office while I cleaned the boat.  David Hewes called and said that he had the key to #9, a condo in Sea Cows Bay for me.  It became available Aug. 1 and Sandy said she would give me first choice.  Well, after living on a boat for two years, I loved it.  Absolutely perfect.  The only drawback was the money as the rent is $800 a month.  My half of the dockage at Nanny Cay is $175 and my storage is $70.  I really can’t justify that type of money being spent when I can live on the boat.

Annie is also looking for a place so we came to the agreement that she would live there in the big bedroom for $600 a month and that I would take the smaller front bedroom as an office to use during the day and stay on the boat at night.  We both think that arrangement will be perfect.

I picked up the key and went to the condo.  What a great space.  David and I were still very much on the outs so I moved in some of my things from storage and just spent the night.  I think that David was hurt but he didn’t say anything.  The next two days were spent in cleaning and fixing.  I worked entirely too hard and had a terrible headache so I couldn’t go to Foxy’s with him on the night of the 10th, which is something we had both looked forward to.

During this time we talked on the telephone, briefly.  I had the use of Annie’s car so that was a treat.  The Bronco has been inoperable for six months and we both miss having a car.  I really did have a terrible headache, whether from my concussion, lifting boxes and drinking.  I am on harmones and Lanoxin (heart) in the am and Elavil, Halcion and drinks at night.  I am also taking massive vitamins.  Something has to give.

On Sat night I took a strong pain pill for my head, plus the regulars and some wine.  I really enjoyed being alone in the condo and just decorated everything, moving furniture, lamps, pictures and plants.  Judy Carell had been keeping all of my plants, which she brought over.  They are so pretty and healthy and it is so nice to have my things around me once again.  I was so elated that I probably drank too much wine, considering all else.

Sunday morning I felt like a bomb had hit me.  David came over for breakfast.  I was really looking forward to seeing him but he came in with a real attitude problem.  I fixed us Bloodies and he talked to Kevin for a while when we were outside.  I then approached him about the Anegada Race.  He said that he wouldn’t go with me and that he didn’t want to talk about anything personal today.  Imagine the nerve, the guy has caused me misery beyond belief and he doesn’t want to get personal--what else can I get?

So Sunday was not off to a good start.  Because he took the car and because I was feeling like shit anyway, I decided to just stick around the house.  I swam for twenty minutes, which will help get the ole bod back into shape.  I covered the porch chairs (I had covered the bar stools the day before).  I watched several good movies - Eddie Murphy in “Coming to America” and the story of the “Jackson Five” as Michael Jackson is one of the most talented people on the planed, in my opinion.  I had nothing to drink and got to sleep around 11:45.

Aug. 12 - I awoke feeling great, naturally, about 8.  I felt rested and at peace.  I had two cups of coffee on the terrace and then began my day.  David picked me up, in a very good mood, and I dropped him off at the office so that I can have the car for the day.



I went to the states again and did get to see all of Greg's old friends and Michael and Karina were there.  They are living in Pensacola and picked me up at the airport. I spent two nights with them.  Michael was really sick with the flu.  I rented a car and drove to the coast where I stayed with Suzanne and Dennis (her new boyfriend) for the hospital tests and wedding.  I was really beat when I returned.  


Bud was married to Shannon in Las Vegas.  Un fucking believable. the 1st.  I am loving the condo--fixing--etc.  I really wanted a home.  Vegetarian, mediation. Middle of September until the middle of October I went back to the coast for the birth of Christian Terrell.  Beautiful baby.  In the time between the wedding and Terrell's birth Greg and Stacy decided to move back to Hawaii and Michael and Karina moved to the coast where they had jobs at the casino.  I stayed with Greg until he left and then stayed on and emptied out my storage bin.  I gave most of Mother's furniture to Michael and shipped my china, pictures and books to #9 Pieces of Eight, the condo.  What a job.  I still had headaches (for almost seven months).  


Michael and Karina are not getting along.  They share a house in Ocean Springs with her three-year-old daughter.  Ten of my old friends had a luncheon for me at Mary Mahoney's in Biloxi.  That was lots of fun.  Plus, I went to Millie's new house and Leif's and Myra's.  She lives on Lovers Lane.  Shannon and Bud moved into a new house in Biloxi - very expensive.  Debbie went to Hawaii with Mark, Greg's best man at his wedding and a partner in Greg's business.  This business went into bankruptcy when Bud mismanaged it.  Greg lost $25,000 - will anyone in this family ever learn?



1997 -

Jan. Dave gives me a great 57th B'Day party at the Tamarind Club.  It is on a Sunday so eveyone is there - great gifts and Champagne -- lots of it!!!


March - I go to St. Croix and stay with Taylor for a week while Christine goes to a convention in the states.  He is such a doll.  After school, we go swimming and shelling.  He loves being with me and I him.  He wants for me to stay.  Of course, I can't.  He will not talk about his father or his mother and feels totally rejected by both.  Christine speaks badly of both of them so obviously, he is confused - he is only 8 years old and I love him so very much!


May - Dave is the Chairman of Foxy's Wooden Boat Regatta.  The day before it is to start he has, what we all think is a stroke, so the ambulance takes him to the hospital.  They then air-ambulance him to Puerto Rico where he is hospitalized for eight days.  He is diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease.  I stay at a nearby hotel but spend 12 hours a day at the hospital with him for two weeks.  We then return to the BVI. He gives up meat and drinking and definitely improves.