1980 - 1989

1980 -

1. 40th Birthday - worst of my life

2. Bud & I go to Jamaica and St. Maarten. Bonnie steals my diamond.  This is where I have my AHa moment and realize that I truly want to live in the Caribbean.  It happened on a charter sailing trip in St. Maarten.  WOW

3. I graduate from Grad School in June in Literature and with a 4.0 average

1981 -

1. Bud invests in Guatemalan Shrimping

2. I spend the year helping Dusti write her book

3. Bud moves out to the Towers.  Has affair with Bonnie

4. I take Michael to Florida to look at colleges.  We visit Univ. of Florida, Rollins, Florida State.  He likes Rollins

1982 -

1. I have my weaving exhibition and dinner for 50 at Trilbies

2. John Horton is ill - I go to Arizona

3. Michael graduates from high school.  Bud is out of town.  I am stuck at Navarre in a rain storm.

4. Bud and I visit Guatemala as guests of Gus and I climb Tikal which was the first of my Mayan ruin climbs.

5. I get funding for Dusti's book - she and I tour Mississippi and give out her books to the senior art students who excell.  It is wonderful as we visited the boon docks and I got to see how others lived.

6.. The family visits Acapulco, Mexico with Gus - we stay in the Princess Hotel which is totally exotic.  Each villa has their own pool.

1983 -

1. Dusti, Judy and I tour the Yucatan and climb the Mayan ruins there

2. Dusti's book comes out -

3. Michael brings Jane home for Spring Break - camera incident

4. I spend a lot of time with Toby in New Orleans

5. My friendship with Leif begins - I edit her book

6. I buy an Apple computer and begin Astrology Charts

7. Join the metaphysical community


1. Bud invests heavily in oil wells - on Michael's birthday we have a wild party at the Yacht Club and I begin a fun relationship

2. Aunt Sis dies - I visit Marilyn in Virginia and see all of my Blackwell cousins.

3. Greg leaves High School because of a pot charge.

4. Michael studies at Univ of Sydney

5. Am a major weaver at the World's Fair in New Orleans.  I stay at the house there and have much fun partying heaty.  Toby is still alive and we have oodles of fun

6. We tour the South Pacific for several months with the boys - Australia, New Zealand, Figi and Hawaii.  They surf the whole time and I gather patterns of Aboriginal designs Bud meets us in Kaui and we spend a week at a fabulous villa that we rented.

7. Spend Thanksgiving in Arizona with Bud's mother in Sun City - hate the place.

8.  Both boys are home for Christmas.