1970 - 1979

1970 -

1. WLOX moves to DeBuys Road

2. I join Bilikins

3. Red dress worn for the first time - Mithris

4. I begin painting children's boards for the Whistle Stop

5. Also do large sticheries for sale at Whistle Stop

1971 -

1. Harvey Weiss, a plastic surgeon with Bud at Keesler, gives me his old Moth Sailboat when he leaves.  I love it.

2. Bud gets out of the Air Force.

3. Mother is having chest pains and is hospitalized.

4. She moves to North Carolina

5. I am still doing Romper Room each morning

6. The boys are at Taconi Elementary - their afternoons are spent with Jodi and the terrible Switzer boys

7. Red dress worn 2nd time - Mithris

1972 -

1. Mother is sick all winter.  I spend a great deal of time in North Carolina.

2. Mother visits for Easter - We go to Houston - She dies

3. Return to Greensboro for funeral etc.

4. Return to Greensboro to straighten out her will,

5. Visit Atlanta on the way home with Al Hopkins and went to Miss Pitty Pats Restaurant.

6. Bud enters the medical center scam with Bobby Bell and Harry Clark - Millie and Suzanne become my best friends

7. The boys spend their summer in Indiana with Sara and John.  I go to Europe.  Bud opens his practice on Division Ave.


1. I leave ABC in early summer and take a job with General Electric Cable.  I love it

2. Boys go to Indiana for a month.  I do interviews on location.

3. Most of my spare time is spent with Mike and Greg as they seem to need me more now.  They are 9 & 11 and doing well in school.

4. received "Outstanding Woman of America" award

5. Also receive the 1st place Press Award for Mississippi

6. Jimmy goes into bankruptcy because of Frank

7. Bud and I visit Canada for several weeks - Montreal & Quebec City


1974 -

1. The boys went to Camp Evergreen in Colorado.

2. Receive the National Press Award for a series that I did on Aging in America

3. Go to Bismark, N. Dakota to receive award - met a man who worked with daddy

4. Stop by Chicago and visit my old neighborhood with Bob Gillis who we knew in Iowa City when Bud was there for a hand residency in'67

1975 -

1. Start my job at the Chamber of Commerce

2. Queen's Court for Billikans

3. Mardis Gras at Harvard Club with Frecricks, etc. in New Orleans

4. Teach sailing at yacht club

5. Want to move - hate Ruskin Ave.

6. We buy the Navarre Beach house

7. Go to San Francisco for a medical convention.  I love it

8. Bud takes me to Mobile for our 15th wedding anniversary.  Gives me a diamond necklace.  We make love in the car outside of Navarre.  Sara & John are visiting.

1976 -

1. Buy the Lovers Lane House - decorate

2. I buy a 6' Nilus Leclare loom for downstairs - learn to weave.  Love it

3. Bonnie moves in with us

4. Take a house in the French Quarter

5. Make friends with the Ingersolls & the artist group

6. Continue working for the Chamber of Commerce

7. Take the boys to Europe for 2 months

8. Bud builds Medical Center

9. I receive the "Bicentennial Award" in Washington, D.C. from Senator John Warner & Trent Lott.  Make the trip with Mayor Blessey and G.E.execs.

10. Jimmy spent Christmas with us at Navarre Beach

1977 -

1. Frustration with so many houses to keep and no intellectual life

2. Take the boys to the Bahamas for a Vacation

3. Begin graduate school

1978 -

1. bury myself in graduate studies

2. commute to Hattiesburg

3. sailing Super Chicken


1. spend the year writing my Thesis for my MA on Tennessee Williams

2. continue graduate work and adore my advisor - Dr, Joseph Davis

3. Hurricane Frederick - work on house for 4 months building decks, knocking out the living room all and generally making the place really gorgeous


1.        Graduated from Graduate School with a MA in Literature.  A really important event in my life that I totally enjoyed.  Studying literature was one of the best things that ever happened to me.  I had always loved reading so learning HOW to read and what themes to look for, etc. was really wonderful.  To understand the mystery of reading and not just the words on the page.

2.       I also turned 40, another real turning point in my life.  I became friends with Bonnie Winfield, a divorced blonde who had been a patient and lover of Harvey Weiss's and who ended up being Bud's lover.  She also stole the diamond that had been given to me by Bud, which was his mother's wedding ring.  Bud moved out of the house to live with her in the Bueno Vista apartments.  That didn't las long though as she made him sleep on the couch because of his drinking and he said that never happened at home, so he moved back in.  As Mike was then 16 and Greg was 14, it didn't seem to affect them much.  But it certainly affected me.  I realized, for the very first time that divorce was in my future but that I would have to wait until the boys had graduated from high school.