1960 - 1969

1960 –

*  I am a junior at DPU and have a great time spending weekends in Indianapolis and enjoying being engaged.  Many parties and showers are given for me in both Glenview, before we move back to Evansville, and in Evansville before my marriage.

*  Everything that summer is involved with moving and my wedding which is on August 27th.  

*  Aunt Sue offers us her lake house for our honeymoon, which we take.  I cook my first chicken and burn it terribly – Sue and Chris were, unfortunately, coming for dinner that night.  They found the whole event funny and ended up taking us out to dinner.  We also locked ourselves out of the cottage and had to break a window to get in.  Bud spent one entire day replacing the pane, which he had no idea how to do.  

*  We moved into a great apartment on 30th Meridian and 30th Street, Indianapolis, where he went to medical school and I did my student teaching at a nearby elementary school.

*  We purchased our first dog, Dickens I, a large apricot standard poodle who was dumber than a fencepost and a lot of trouble but we loved him.  He ate all of the fringe on my mother’s oriental rug that she had given us.  I had to go through his poop to find it all but never did get it sewn back on.  


 1961 –

*  after enjoying a year being “grown-up” we decided to move closer to the med school for Bud.  I got a teaching job at Eagledale Elementary and we found a darling three bedroom house for $100 a month.  It had a large yard and was perfect for Dickens.  I could walk to work.  We had lots of friends in the same situation and I joined a bridge club and hat many friends who were also wives of med students.  Bud  


Worked at the newspaper on weekends.  We lived here when Bud graduated in 1963.  Mother and Daddy took us all out to eat with John and Sara, Nora and Gene at a really fancy restaurant.


1964 -

1. Michael is born at Keesler Hospital in Biloxi

2. Mother and Daddy come down

3. Bud's father and Ethel take us deep-sea fishing in Mobile.  I encounter real prejudice for the first time.

4. I take Michael back to Evansville for a few weeks in the summer.  Daddy shows him off.



1. Glenda visits with daughter Karen.  She dies later that year.


1966 -

1. Greg is born in Rockville

2. Bud and I go to the Bahamas - get stuck in the Airline strike I learn to knit and make myself a red coat on the trip

3. Are friendly with Marilyn & Jimmy Grimes

4. Have a real "group" at  the Naval Hospital

5. I do decoupages for Interior Shop in Bethesda  



1967 -

6. Unbeknown to me, Jimmy is reprimanded for homosexual activities at Yale .  Daddy gets him off for $10,000.  Jimmy tells me this the night Mother dies - no wonder we had problems.

7. I take a job teaching at Montgomery County School next door to where we live.  Mo babysits

8. Bud graduates from his residency and we move to Iowa for a hand fellowship Sell our house on Harrington Rd.  

9. Visit Sara & John in their new house in Muncie on the way to Iowa

10. We look like Tobacco Road with our 2 cars and kids and Dickens

11. We move to Iowa City in the summer. I despise Iowa.  We get in with a group of residents at our complex and party every Saturday.  Lots of drinking and innuendoes. Bud takes up with Dee Gillis.  Bob comes to me for solace.

12. We move 3 times in the same complex

13. Mother and Daddy celebrate their 30th anniversary with a trip to Europe

14. Daddy is ill upon returning; is diagnosed with lung cancer; is hospitalized in early August.  Never leaves the hospital.  Dies Nov. 7th

15. Mother comes for Christmas - terrible visit.  Everyone is sick because of the cold and Bud works the entire time.  Mother cries 24 hours a day.

1969 -

1. Begin Romper Room for ABC/WLOX

2. Hurricane Camille - August 17 - pool is ruined.  4 feet 0f water in the house.  Reconstruction is 6 months.